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Travelling to Disneyland Paris - Beware of the Donald Desk of Doom

Disability and Disneyland Paris – The Donald Desk of Doom  


I took my family to Disneyland Paris for two days... I was told as a disabled person I could secure a 10% discount for myself, a free carer ticket and the children would be full price and we would get queue assistance. All this seemed very fair and generous but I was told we would need to buy the tickets at the park to secure this discount and access card.


When I asked how to buy the tickets they said we needed to go to the Donald Desk on arrival..

Pre-trip I asked if I could reserve a chair for the day - "No sorry, all our chairs are on a first come first served basis." (was the response!) I couldn't take this risk, so we bought one in a charity shop and took it with us.

On the day we arrived at the Donald Desk, queued for 30 mins only to be told we were in the wrong queue! Apparently, we were in the service queue NOT the disabled queue!

We then queued for another 30 mins in another queue which we were told was the right queue... only to be told they could not sell us the actual tickets only provide the access pass and we would need to join another queue to buy our tickets! There were only three queues to choose from all with 100's waiting,..... there were 20 desks unstaffed, we had to queue at one of the three desks for a further hour to buy 400 Euro's worth of tickets... we had arrived at the park at 10 am.... if the signage had been better and the staff more helpful we could of started in the right queue...


My children were in tears.... my son called it the queue of doom and said lets just go to Legoland next time mummy....(so true!) There were families with autistic children who didn't understand why we were being made to queue multiple times and not being allowed in the park... it was a truly miserable experience for everyone ...Once we were in the park the system worked well but the purchasing process for the tickets was rude, disorganised and ridiculous.... We arrived at the park at 10 and didn't get on a ride until 12.15.... that's utterly crazy.... They should allow disabled guests to pre-purchase tickets to reduce the wait or open more desks to help at busy times.