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Hi I am looking for some help with my universil credit claim. I made a claim fo uc in April and got my first payment in june. During that time I was in hospital so the drs gave me a letter for uc which I didnt get to send in till the end of june. I thought all was fine but I didnt get the work assessment questionaire untill October . I have handed in a fit note from sep to feb 2019 also when they said the drs letter wasnt enough.
As the wca is takeng so long does this mean I wont need a f 2 f
I have a job centre appointment in a couple of weeks but because I have schizoaffective disorder I dont feel well enough to attend.


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    A fit note from your GP doesn't automatically qualify you for LCW. Most people have to attend the WCA. When you returned the UC50 form did you send evidence to support your claim? UC LCW is about the work you can do, not the work you can't do and this is what they'll assess you on.

    Some work coaches will reduce the hour of your commitments, very few turn them off completely. If you haven't spoken to your work coach regarding your conditions and how attending those appointments and looking for work affects you then you should do this. If your commitments aren't completely turned off and you fail to do what is asked then you can still be sanctioned.

    If you are eventually given LCWRA then you'll be paid the extra from the 4th month of handing in the fit note.
  • Flowie
    Flowie Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Hi thanks for your reply
    So when I sent a drs letter in from a specialist stating I cant look for work , I should of been asked to provide a fit note also  which I wasnt told untill September 
    So confusing
    So This means that If awarded i wouldn't be entitled to lcwra rate untill September 29th and it wouldnt get paid for 14 weeks making it January before the award could be paid 
    Thanks again as this expains the delay
    My feeling is I have been to unwell to understand universil credit and not given the right information from them isnt helping

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    No problem. Yes, it's a fit note from your GP that is needed. LCWRA isn't paid for the first 3 months on UC. See link and scroll down to waiting period.

    DWP's understanding of UC is very poor and the training they've had is limited.


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