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Hello every one thought share my favourite recipes to ease the symptoms of the blues. Those who have colds and need a uplift .


Been doing this recipe for years and years. Helps the blues and good for the immune system.

There might be a lot involved but trust me. Make a lot to freeze or use during the week.

You will need the following.  

One large Chicken
Onions, garlic, roots anything you have Carrots, Swede, Potatoes.  Diced up . Or buy one of the supermarkets Soup mix.

Add to that Celery . From freezer Peas and Green Beans, Kale, Leeks.. Butternut squash.

I have not given precise measurements all you want is a good blend and mix of vegetables.

Two Chicken Stock cube.
Boiling Kettle.
Large Stockpot.
Herbs Bay leaf. Thyme dried Parsley dried one teaspoon of each.  Or fresh up to you.

For broth Soup mix soaked over night.  Drained. Then according to instructions on packet. Same with Pasta to a saucepan as per instructions packet.

Blender, bowls, knives. Two pans and one for Soup. Sieve to use when blending.


Using fresh veg cut off the ends and the same with onions and celery. Any bits from the vegetables you are using into a base of a stock pot with a Chicken on top . 

This is going to be your poaching stock and soup at the end.

Cover with boiling water up to the sides. Halfway. Not even that. Add herbs, stock cubes. Cover bring to the boil simmer.

Usually after a couple of hours . I tend to leave it on the back of the hob just gently away.

In the mean time diced all the veg cube and sliced. If you using pre diced no need.

Now when Chicken is cooked check with a knife. Clear juice . I use knife to the thighs. Remove to bowls. Careful here can be hot. So shred with rubber gloves or let it cool down.

A portion of the poaching liquid with some of the vegetables.  Blitz up blender careful here might be worth letting it cool down

To another pan sieved a portion of the soup stock with vegetables. Cover and a simmer. Meantime add soup broth mix and pasta to according to instructions.  On packets.

When done drain to the stock along with portions of Chicken and any freezer vegetables.

After about 20 minutes till vegetables cooked through serve.

I hope every one has a go at doing this because Chicken Soup is renown for boosting immune system.

You can chop and change vegetables add other Pasta or Beans or Pulses.  Add chilli if you want. Feel a cold coming on use this.

Bueno Appetito

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