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The misery never ends

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Having put me through hell for months waiting to find out about my change from DLA to PIP I thought everything was sorted. Ofc this was a stupid thought. Now ESA insist I am making a new claim and sent me forms to fill in. I needed help with the PIP forms and called them to explain. The guy had great problems understanding the situation (must be common surely?) and I thought it was sorted. However, I got a letter this week saying that the forms needed to be returned by 11/12/2018 or I would lose my benefit.

What I had explained was that it wasn't a new claim just a change over and that I was worse now than when I applied for ESA but it would make no difference because I currently have savings above the Upper Savings Limit so I received no benefit anyway and wouldn't after any assessment. So, why was I being put through hell again?

Admittedly I do receive a small benefit which is not means tested and due to having worked so many years and, until the savings are used up, nothing would or should change. The problem is that my ONLY visitor is my cleaner once a week for an hour because I get no other help since Social Care made it obvious I would get none regardless of my situation (all because I got a Social Worker into trouble due to incompetence and lack of training which they lied about to save her job). The next time anyone visits me is 11/12 so there is no way at all I could get the forms in even if I could cope with completing them. I tried telephoning them today and was on hold for 30 minutes before giving up. I guess I am doomed by an uncaring and unjust system which already has the GP surgery totally uninterested in providing support of any useful type. So far I have waited 8 months for an OT assessment and still have no idea what is going on and no contact number for them. I can't say I am surprised though. The woman who handles the referrals doesn't work at the surgery, has no access to patient records nor contact with any of the GP's. When doing the referral she was on the phone to me basically asking me the questions and writing down my answers because she was so uninformed. It almost seemed like she had never done such a referral before.

I have explained all this to anyone I could contact but it's always someone else's problem and nothing changes. It seems I am also unable to contact the ESA group now either so I guess that once more I am shafted so they can help only those with working prospects because, after all, I am disabled and completely unimportant.

I have become completely despondent and inactive and it took a tremendous effort to try today especially after going through another birthday this week on which only 1 of my 3 children sent me a happy birthday text, none telephoned me or visited me and I received no birthday cards even.

Desperately sad this week and I don't know how much more of this isolation I can cope with.

"I'm on the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell" - from Wrong side of heaven by Five Finger Death Punch.


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    Hi @Topkitten well first Happy Birthday to you and if i could i would sing it to you x 
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    Hi topkitten
    happy birthday!
    I have just had my ESA forms sent and it had to be back for the 7th of dec. I seeked help with mine and got a representative to complete mine which was today. I rang ESA and was on hold for 1 and a half hours however I did speak to them and explained that my forms will be late due to me not completing them myself. They said to explain why on the form why it  was late on the third page which I have. I would try ringing again and explain because if they are going to be late back if you tell them they should understand. Can anybody else help you with completing the forms? if so maybe they maybe able to help you. Like I said mine are now going back late, however I have informed them about this. Fingers crossed I get paid my benefits the lady I spoke to said that if you explain it should be ok. If you explain that you are not seeing anybody until the 11th of Dec and thats why its going to be late I would ring tomorrow and see what they say, however expect to be waiting a longtime unless you ring them when they first open in the morning as I have noticed that they answer the phone alot quicker at this time. Good luck and I hope you get sorted.  
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    Happy belated birthday, @Topkitten!

    I'm truly sorry to hear this, it sounds like a confusing situation and I'm sorry you're having to deal with this on top of everything else. I really hope our members can offer some input with your ESA, but in the meantime, we're here and we're listening. Please do take care and keep us in the loop with what's happening. 


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