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Our own culture and community?

cracker Member Posts: 324 Pioneering
I took a course  Sign Language a few years ago. The teacher told us about the Deaf Culture, an entirely different world with its own language and schools. She said they preferred not to interact too much with the ordinary culture, they ;referred theirs...and the were ;proud of being in that culture.

I am thinking it is too bad that people with disabilities do not have a proud culture of our own. The forum, of course, is a kind of banding together, but so many are ;unhappy and. There is, of course, a  big difference between  chronic pain and ;physical limitations and being deaf.

But cannot we be proud of ourselves and everyone here for continuing to live as best we can under such difficult circumstances, from the pain and lack of mobility to the financial troubles, housing, getting proper treatment>

For me, I admire everyone here.