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No Support in the North East Poor books on the subject

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The people on this this site have tried their best,  I was diagnosed with ASD in August of 2018.  But after looking into this there is still not a suitable support group. Nothing  Worse still the libraries in Northumberland and Newcastle City have very poor books on this subject.  The North East is behind other areas in this field including LGBTQ.  I may think in the future of going back to Manchester and the south to areas like Watford.  This is because the services are getting worse and expensive overall.  The job prospects as I am now unemployed are appalling and will never change.  Most employers have so many people that the chance of gaining a new job is slim.  The Autistic Society really has been useless in that they never answer the question or they expect me to go to Belford which is 35 miles away in the middle of no where.  They should have something in South East Northumberland or Newcastle City.  I get emails for events which are in Durham or that Belford.  I think i will remove my details as it is i suspect fundraising.  When I make enquiries the answer is the same groups GMT which is an appalling group and some concerns and Gasbags which I am a member already.  The Answer there is nothing.  So I think someone should look into setting a support group for Autistic people


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    I'm sorry to hear you haven't found what you're looking for @Grenville, that must be really frustrating.

    Whilst we cannot be of practical assistance in setting up a support group ourselves, I hope you know that you're always welcome here on the community, and among others who understand. It would be really interesting to hear how you get on moving forwards, so please do keep us updated and we'll support and advise wherever we can. 
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    The only way I can move forward to get another job and abandone my diagnosis and as in the past over right any issues as I am wasting time and energy
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    @Jack_W can you help at all?
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    Hi @Grenville,

    I perhaps may not be able to give all the answers you need today, but a self-advocacy group could be a fantastic idea if you're able to connect with fellow autistic adults in your area. Do you know of the Autism Spectrum Cohort at Newcastle University? They might be able to give you an opportunity to participate in research and connect with others who might be in your area.

    I would also check out AS Mentoring - they don't deliver in Newcastle or North East specifically, but they can do Skype and other remote communications to support your search for work. You might want to contact them first and see what they can do.

    All the best,
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    Hello Jack,

    Tbh honest i have lost interest now and I have to much other issues to worry about.  What worries me is the University might use me for their research which i will refuse to do.  and really do i want to waste any more time, I will ponder it