Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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ESA contribution based ? effected by making a UC claim ?

Family member is on ESA contribution based (CB) support group and has been since 10/01/18.
Is she makes an application for child tax credit in a UC rolled out area this has to be via a UC claim.
Will UC claim change anything about the CB ESA. ?
The CB ESA is working well for her and no wish to change it .  
In addition do DWP need all rent details on the UC form if the claimant just wants to claim child tax credit  and not housing benefit ?
Early response would help Thank you.


  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger

    The ESA will be deducted £ 1 for £1 from the UC claim.

    If a claim for UC is made then housing benefit will also be transferred to UC.  Housing benefit will be paid for a further 2 weeks after the claim for UC is started. If renting privately a tenancy agreement will be needed for the housing element of UC to be paid.

    May i ask why the person doesn't already claim tax credits?
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  • MagnoliabloomMagnoliabloom Member Posts: 30 Connected
    It is more complicated. Person in receipt of ESA CB. Child living 50:50 time with two seperated parents.  My relative and her boyfriend ( father of child) made claim for child Tax credits and it was allowed as apparently child's mother was not collecting child tax credits for her.  Relative started a UC claim but did not commit at the end .  Now does not want housing benefit but as result of UC claim - UC told tax credit stop the Child tax credits and close claim.
    UC is shambles and advantages disabled people.
    more when i can  but reluctant now to try get TC back by a UC claim as they talk about NEW ESA and that is worry. why should ESA  CB change at all ?
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