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ESA & PIP (from H.R. DLA)

Hi, This is my first post, I suffer with a range of disabilitys from Psritic arthrits/Arthrits thoughout most of my body, muscle spasms along with it, full body Psorisis, social phobia, aniexty & deep depression, IBS and other conditions etc etc.

I'm writing today because I'm going through a PIP process, moving from DLA, Ive had my assesment a couple of weeks ago. I'm very stressed and nervous just waiting for that.
But I recieved a DWP letter this morning regarding that I'll have to go through the same stress again, this time its my ESA (sg) though. Knock people when their down! So I've got to ask for more evidence, I dont get out much because of my pain, I'm single live in a one bedroom flat have debts, What if both claims are stopped what will I live on? My Rent will this be affected, will I lose my flat? I buy & eat a diet thats easy for my stomach too.

Why the timing now, while my PIP claim is being processed, I feel so stressed out and full of aniexty. Why do they put us through this stress and ****? When your doctor could tell them. I'm at breaking point I mean breaking! I'm scared for the future.


  • wilko
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    Hello and welcome, if your PIP was successful you may not need to have a second acessment reference to ESA. I had my PIP and was ready to go for ESA acessment and was told a decision had been made and I was placed in the support group. Now two years on having had acess to my DWP files I found out that my ESA was sent to be accessed by a doctor, but the decision was made by a disability acessment nurse by the paper medical reports, you have to remember that DLA was is about your illness and disability whereas PIP is about your abilities to to meet the PIP descriptors. Have you requested your acessment report? It take about 14 days to once requested. On receiving it you can work out what your award maybe but you still have to wait for the official award letter from DWP. If you find yourself without income to pay rent ect you can go to your local council and fill in a no income form to get help.
  • poppy123456
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    For ESA they can assess you anytime from 3 months so it's just a coincidence that it's worked out the same time as your move to PIP. I was assessed 2 years ago for both at the same time.

    For the ESA knowing the reasons you were placed into the Support Group previously will help, then you can base filling out the form around those reasons providing they still apply to you.

    As for evidence, what did you send to support your PIP claim? You can send the same as you sent for that? I'm assuming you sent evidence for this because they very rarely contact anyone for evidence. The onus is always on the claimant to make sure it's sent. The form must be returned by the date stated in the letter as there's no extensions of time to return the ESA50 form.

    Expect another face to face assessment for the ESA as most people have them. That way if you're sent an appointment then it won't be too much of a shock.

    I know it's very difficult not to think the worst but i would try not to think of what you would live off if both benefits stopped. You won't lose your home. I would just concentrate on filling in the form with as much information as possible about how your conditions affect your ability to do any type of job.

    Good luck with both.
  • Scruez
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    Thanks @ Poppy & Wilko for your replys to my post. My GP wants £45 for a letter, stupidly I sent the original with my PIP evidence. He put print outs of my medical history too, Again I sent them in without copying copys for my self. I have no scanner/printer, I'm also terribly unorganized. I must keep folders both real & on my Computer in the future.
    I did use local CAB for help with the PIP forms/book. The demand is high & just once a week in my area, so I hope I can see the same person that helped me out for the PIP form, regarding this new ESA form.
    I'm a little negative today due to the fact of past experiences with winning ESA S.G then to be called up only 3 months later with the same evidance then lose. Taking it 9 months for it to go to tribunel, Then nobody from DWP turned up, prob due to the fiction they wrote about my assesment etc. That was in 2014 so I should of expected to be called up for ESA again soon.

    But again thanks for your posts, I'll keep you guys posted esp if its helpful to others.

  • Scruez
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    Hi, I've just received my score from my PIP assessment, They give me 2 points, That's due to the fact I'm dyslexic. His MR was full of untruths, Nothing about how my pain effects me, They wrote I didn't use my stick effectively as I didn't place enough pressure through it? Yet I was able to walk with normal gait? Because I'm on Pain medication he decided that I can stand and then move more than 200 metres. It said I showed no signs of Anxiety during the assessment I've suffered Anxiety, Panic attacks & Major depression since my mid-teens. I'm worried as my ESA as got to get back to me too. Its really stressed me out and made my mood dark. It makes you feel like a fraud, I'm not!!... I'm in pain writing this. My CAB caseworker told me when he helped me out with the forms. that nearly every assessment for PIP as come back with to him with 0 or low points in the last year. It drains you, esp when you're not well. It is stress.  


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