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Can I have advice on UC and Carers allowance?

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I am still waiting after 6 weeks for carers allowance. I care for a wheelchair bound relation for 35 hours per week who is very ill on morphine and incontinent. I am receiving only £320 a month UC despite having a child living with me in full time education, surely I should be receiving money for her (equivalent of child tax credit)? My rent is £387 a month, a housing association property. So the UC payment doesnt even cover the rent and my low savings are running out. I have asked twice in my online journal for an explanation but they ignore it (yet have always answered any other query in the journal the same day). I was even refused a food bank voucher despite them knowing how much Im struggling. Sorry to launch into this as soon as Ive joined but nobody will help me! 


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    A claim for carers allowance can take 8-12 weeks. However you didn't really need to claim carers allowance when claiming UC, you could have just claimed the carers element in with your UC payment, which is £156 per month.

    When claiming carers allowance and UC the carers allowance is deducted £1 for £1 for your UC payment and then carers allowance pay you separately. The only advantage to claiming carers allowance is this case is that carers allowance will pay class 1 NI contributions.

    How old is your child? and do you receive child benefit for them? You mention savings, anything over £6,000 and you'll lose £1 for every £250 over than amount. £16,000 and over your entitlement stops completely.

    The standard allowance for a single person over the age of 25 is £317.82 per month. If your child is under the age of 19 and in full time non advanced education then you should be receiving £277.08 per month. On top of this you should also receive the housing element. How much you'll receive for this will depend on your circumstances and the local housing allowance for your area. You can look this up online to see what you should be getting. Check your rates for you area/circumstances here.

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    Savings under 6000, yes I get child benefit for my 17 year old child in education. As you say, I should be receiving 277.08 per month plus housing element but I receive 320 and that seems to include housing, my rent is within the local housing allowance and is housing association. Ive checked rates. UC wont answer my queries. 
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    If they're not replying to your messages on your journal then you'll need to ring them.


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