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Rates for Universal Credit

chockies Member Posts: 61 Courageous
Hi Everyone,

I recently had to sign for universal credit, and read some articles about it being the same rate for everybody because an extra payment if you are unwell or with disability had been abolished.

Around the site here I have seen one or two posts from people saying something about an increase in payment if you are in a specific group?

I’m not sure if it is relevant to me, or even if it is still the case that an extra payment can be made, and wonder if 
someone give some advice about it? 

Thanks in advance,



  • poppy123456
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    The payment you're talking about is limited capability for work related activity (LCWRA) this pays an extra £328 per month. It's the Limited capability for work (LCW) that doesn't pay anything extra.

    To claim LCWRA you'll need to send in sick notes from your GP. You'll eventually be sent a work capability assessment form. Once you have this it will need to be filled in and returned with all your evidence. You'll then most likely be sent for a work capability assessment. Questions will be asked about your ability to do any type of work. After this face to face assessment a report will be returned to DWP then a decision maker will make a decision based on the recommendations in the report. You'll either be given LCW, LCWRA or found fit for work.

    If the decision is LCWRA you'll be paid the extra £328 per month which is paid from the 4th month of your claim starting from when you first sent in the sick note.

    This whole process can take several months depending on backlog in your area.
  • chockies
    chockies Member Posts: 61 Courageous
    edited January 2019
    Thank you @poppy123456 that’s cleared up everything for me.

    I did not know that this was a possibility so it has given me a bit of extra hope.

    It is very difficult on such a low amount of money at the moment, I’m sure that everyone having to access the service can relate.

    I have supplied fit notes and this will be the case for the duration, so I’ll make sure to tell the work coach about this next time we speak.

    Thank you @poppy123456 for your helpful reply.

  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 24,783 Disability Gamechanger
    No problem. You need to your work coach to refer you for a work capability assessment. Once this has been done you'll be sent the UC50 form. Make sure you send evidence to support your claim when you return the form.
  • chockies
    chockies Member Posts: 61 Courageous
    Ok, so that would be similar to the things sent for pip tribunal... doctors letters etc?

    I will ask the work coach to refer me for assessment and will look out for the form in the post.

    Thank you @poppy123456 that’s great.

    Chockies 🍫.


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