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ESA Assessment

Well this is a good start to 2019 that now I have to go to a ESA Assessment for my ESA so this will be good as if its the same lot who did my PIP Assessment I am going have the same luck with them as the last lot which is going to a Tribunal which I have been on the list to go to from February 2018 and still no word with a date for my PIP Tribunal so how about I just top myself and save them some time and money so that they can  keep paying for a Private Companies to do the Assessments for them and save them some time and money and keep there targets related to decisions to keep there contract with the DWP


  • clarkjohnson
    clarkjohnson Member Posts: 210 Pioneering
    That about sums it up mate total strangers judging people I had penile cancer and I was assessed by a young girl . The physical and emotional issues involved should be assessed by men who have experienced similar problems because if they haven't how can they no 
  • Gerald
    Gerald Member Posts: 214 Pioneering
    This is the problem the ones doing the Assessments if you ask what the medical training that they have you get we are Healthcare Professionals not that they are  doctors or nurses but are Healthcare Professionals and that is it as long as they keep up the numbers of people that they see in a week and the more the better keep up the good work and don't think about the lives you are pulling a part just keep them numbers up of the people you are seeing and let them have the fun of having to deal with the DWP to get things sorted out just as long as you keep your numbers up. Thank you 


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