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Just can't wait toilet card

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The Bladder and Bowel Community have a Universally Recognised Just Can’t Wait Toilet Card that you can order and receive for free.
Request the original toilet access card from the Bladder and Bowel Community today. We use the universally acknowledged W.C. signage, giving you the benefit of discrete and clear communication for those moments where you just can’t wait to use the toilet.
The Just Can’t Wait card is now completely free of charge when ordered online. Fill out a few details and we will post your high quality, durable Just Can’t Wait card to your home.
Request the original toilet access card online today.
  • Assists with access to your closest toilet*
  • Helps explain and avoid a potentially embarrassing situation quickly
  • Universally recognised symbols – take your card anywhere!
  • Durable plastic material – just like your other essential cards
  • Completely free of charge for online orders!
  • No membership necessary – simply fill out the form
We have released the Just Can’t Wait card as a FREE practical phone app. Not only will you receive a digital version of the card, but there are a number of other benefits within the app, such as a map to find your nearest toilet, quick and easy access to the Community, and much more.
Accessibility on your phone means that the benefits of the original Just Can’t Wait card are immediately available when you’re out and about. As the card is displayed on your phone screen, you’ll have even more discretion in communicating your need for the toilet.

You can find more details on the Bladder and Bowel website.

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