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Hi, my name is Mark2121_21!

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I can't believe it.. having read what you said ,I too was given the most untrue assessment at pip ...But I went to my universal credit assessment ;only to be told before I went in the room"when I ask about how far you could bend, demonstrate and don't just say no,as it looks better on paper!!!...I said "no" at that point in the assessment and have since been told I'm fit for work..I have had so may assessments before and always showed just how much I suffer .I guess that the assessor absolutely took the ..you know what...out of me because I guess my issues have to be proven for clarifying!..I laugh because I am a manic depressive with chronic anxiety with two crushed discs ,a numb leg ,sciatic and riddled with arthritis.i had a op on one disc that was shaved but now the other disc crushes my nerves.They have all this prove but I'm still made to attend DWP UC meetings which is so stressful..Honestly I've spent a year so humiliated,dragged destitute and booted in the ..you know whats..just because they can..I don't feel secure as when your on universal credit it's either pay bills or eat-The trips to tin can alley(food-bank) really makes your day .I take so much medication and can hardly think straight..can someone please wave a magic wand.I use to be appositive person but believe me the DWP have broke me and I never thought I'd hear myself say that ..all the best [email address removed by moderator]


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    Hello @Mark2121_21 Pleased to meet you welcome.

    Thank you for sharing and joining.

    I am one of the team of community champions. Who help and advise new members.

    Sorry what has happened.

    I understand your experiences of the benefits system having had similar .  As will many of our community be able identify what you are going through.

    We are here to support you give you information, help and support.

    Is there anything we as a community can help and advise on please ask. ?

    Please take care.


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