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Vertigo and CFS, anybody else?

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Hi Guys 

Hope you are all well, 

Joined here hopping for some guidance and support really, My wife is 35 and was diagnosed with CFS roughly about 10 years ago. Over the years she has tried everything to try and get on with life and do the best she can. There have been times where she has come out of work to try and better herself, recently approxmitly over the last 3-4 years she has had an added issue to deal with which has been really bad bouts of vertigo, where she would end up in hospital for days at a time. (10 visits in the last 6 months alone)

We believed there may have been an issue with her ears being damaged from a previous infection, we have paid over £1000 recently with nowhere else to turn to see a private specialist consultant after previously going through two different ENT departments and recently having tests carried out but found no issues with her balance system. It has been put down to symptoms of her CFS which the more I read into it sounds very likely, these episodes are getting more frequent and are get further prolonged. She currently has no quality of life, when not working she is usually very unwell. 

Personally I would rather she didn’t work and have some quality of life. 

So my questions are;
Has anyone found anything that helps with CFS and would we stand any chance of obtaining PIP, is CFS recognised?

Thanks in advance for your help and taking the time to read. 


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    Hello @Rorylauren   Pleased to meet you welcome.

    Thank you for joining and sharing.

    I am one of the team of community who help and advise new member who join.

    Sorry what is happening to your wife . 

    Please can I apologise for asking do not wish to be ignorant but what is CFS?

    Understand  we as a community can help with any relevant organisations to your wife's condition.

    With support, advice and help.

    As for benefits have a look on our website.  What Benefits am I entitled to.

    Has on the webpage a benefits calculator.  Also may I add have a look Talk about PIP/DLA .

    Hope that helps.

    Please ask if we can help with anything.  Some one will know.

    Please take care.


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    Hi @Rorylauren, and a warm welcome to the community! 

    I'm sorry to hear of your wife's experiences. I have ME/CFS myself and know how tough it can be, especially when you can't find the answers you're looking for. I wonder if your wife has been seen at a specialist CFS service before?

    I'd also recommend using the PIP online self-test to see if you may be eligible for the benefit. 
  • Rorylauren
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    Hi guys, thanks for the warm welcome. Spiceman i am refering to ME/Cronic fatigue syndrome. Pipascope thanks for the links, would love to hear your experiences, how you manage it. Do you find anything that helps? 
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    hi @Rorylauren, my best advice would be to seek referral to a specialist who can understand what you're going through and make useful recommendations based on your individual situation.

    If you're comfortable sharing your location (town/city), I'd be happy to have a search around for you!
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    I am not that familiar with CFS but i deal with vertigo a lot, i dont know if if woulf help in Your Wife's case but i find sun glasses helps with vertigo because it blocks out visual stimuli