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I have fibromyalgic, chronic fatigue syndrome & joint hyper mobility.

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Hello, I'm Caroline aged 36 from Doncaster, I have fibromyalgic, chronic fatigue syndrome & joint hyper mobility. I also struggle with anxiety and depression which is a major struggle to make friends but I'm learning to build my confidence. 
I have 4 children most grown up only the 1 at home, 3 boys and a girl ages are 20yrs, 19 yrs, 18yrs and my 15yr old. 
I'm currently writing a book I hope to one day get published that'd be my biggest achievement. 
If you wish to know more about me please feel free to ask. 
I'm here to hopefully meet new people and make friends. 
Thanks for reading xx


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    Hi @Diammondgirlz welcome to the community! Let us know if we can help you with anything :)
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    Hi @Diammondgirlz welcome to the community.

    Thank you for sharing this with us. You may be interested in our dealing with chronic pain , mental health discussions and our coffee lounge

    That's brilliant, best wishes with completing your book. :)
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    Hi @Diammondgirlz, how long have you had these conditions, and how did you manage with children? I dont have children yet but I dread the thought of having to interact with other parents one day. I too have all the above and it is nice to connect with people. Fibromalgia has been recently added to my plate so I don't know much about that condition yet. Would be nice to know how you have managed all that plus a family. Writing a book would be amazing! Wishing you all the best with that
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    I've been diagnosed around 7 years now but I think I've had it a good 15 years easily that's when first suffered big style with symptoms but being full time mummy of 4 young kids back then I put it down to being that n thought nothing of it.... It wasn't until 2012 I got too bad and just couldn't ignore it any more I looked into why and got diagnosed quite quickly. 
    I hated the dealing with other parents in all honesty as I always felt looked down upon, being a teenage mum/young mum I was always talked about in the playground by other mums but as I've got older Ive learnt that it's not right nor was it right to ever be judged.
    It was n still is very hard work, unfortunately I had a period I became homeless, lost my kids and struggled to get them back.... Only just now have my youngest back in my care... Life can be so cruel at times all because I left the guy whom groomed me at 13, I was forced to marry at 16 and fathered my kids, I got guts to leave him and suffered at hands of social services unfortunately was extremely let down instead of supported many stupid allegations unfounded and 10 years later I have my youngest now 15 back living with me ? proof to never ever give up on anything! Especially when ya know your innocent so as you can imagine life's been hell for me a total roller-coaster of emotions! 
    This is what my book is about and is to be called.... I really want to help others gone or going through what I have and hope by writing my book I can do so. 
    Though I've been working on book 2 yrs now n finally got to ending of 1st draft still long way to go before finished but least it'll have a happy ending. 
    I wish you all best xx 
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    Wow! That is incredible - I'm speechless. To know you have been through all of that and are turning into something so positive is amazing. I'm speechless. The premise of your book sounds marvelous. A real story of an overcomer. Wow ???