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Hi I am disabled, I had to give up work 3 years due to the severity of my illnesses.  I have Fibro, ME, Spondylitis, Cavernomas on the brain, arthritis, Sciatica, Costochondral, and many more problems.  I was diagnosed about 5 years ago after years of going to the doctor's I finally got diagnosed with the names of the problems, I am still grieving for the old me who was on call 24 hours, and had more than one job, don't know where I got the courage from.  It gradually became worse so that I struggled with mobility, couldn't keep my eyes open, as everything I did and do exhausted me.  I tried to help myself by losing a stone myself, having a balloon fitted losing 3 stone, then having the sleeve done where I have lost another 2 and a half stone, itsi helped a little or lighter to move around but my pain is worse, and my exhaustion has got worse.  It's a vicious circle you try to help yourself but things just seem to go round and round.  You discover two people have died and you have to go to two funerals within a space of two weeks, you then find you have no lighting downstairs, nearly fall down the stairs, bang your knee, and three of your cats escape, so you playing silly buggers until 11pm, one is so terrified outside my partner tried to get him and because he is so frightened of being outside when my partner went to pick him up, he scratched him, so I waited a while coaxed him with treats then grabbed him at the back of his neck so he felt safe, like is mother.  Alfa cat came in early, he was trying to get one in, and at 11pm I open the front door me stood behind it, she was cautious but came running in frightened.  Oh my days what a week it has been, so stressed xxx