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Hi. I'm desperate for someone anyone to help me. I woke up crying because I've barely slept with the pain and discomfort I feel from my arm. Nobody will help me. All I've been offered is physio and all that has done is made the pain worse. I had to beg the physiotherapist to refer me for a pain killer injection on the recommendation from my GP.
I was turned down because apparently the x-ray they looked back on which was at least eight years old claims it wouldn't help me, how can they say that without an up to date x-ray.
I can't take much more of the pain. 


  • miracle
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    Hi Letty, my wife suffers with all over body pain. She is on morphine patches, and two other lots of pain medication. This does NOT take the pain away alltogether, but goes a long way to alleviating, some of the pain. My suggestion to you, would be to go back to your GP, and ask for a referral, to see a pain specialist, at the hospital. Hope things work out for you.
  • fenfisher
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    I think a referral to hospital by your g p should be benifcial I now attend critical pain clinic have injections 6 at a time after a few days they start working and together with other drugs it works well hope you get sorted
  • clare_1
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    Hi @Letty1

    I really feel for you at how much pain you are in and um sure alot 9f people on here can also.

    I would go back to doctors and ask what els can be done. She/He may suggest pain management who then might ask for an MRI.
    My doctor told me that Dr's can no longer send patients for an MRI and has to be a specialist.
    I think doctors try and exhaust all other possibilities to see if they work first, before referring you to higher up help.

    The MRI will show up what may be causing the pain and any other problems that may or may not be there.

    I hope this gives you some idea of what needs to be done.
  • veriterc
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    Have you tried contacting The Patients' Association.  They give impartial and very helpful advice - and I am sure would be able to tell you how to demand a referral to a pain clinic at your local hospital. You have the right to as for this but possibly because your GP hasn't got the funds,you may be missing out on a referral.  
  • Letty1
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    Thank you all for your feedback. I have a doctors appointment in a couple of weeks time I will definitely be asking her to help me.
    It's the feeling that this is it this is my life. Pain in my back which has been given up on and now the same with my arm. 
  • miracle
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    Letty, is the pain there all the time, even when you are sitting? I have severe lower spinal pain, that is excruciating, when i stand in the same place, for more than a few seconds. I have got severe pain to both knee joints, when i am standing. When i am sitting, the pain subsides, but is always there in the background. I cannot focus on, the things that i used to do, because of my health conditions. So, i have put new things into my life. I do a lot of research on the internet. Do some reading, just try to adapt, to my new set of circumstances. Chronic pain, means that it wont go away. So you have to change direction in your life. Pain relief can go some way to alleviating the pain, but wont take it away altogether. I try and focus on different things in my life, and although, doing this, wont take the pain away, i do find, that if i can fill my mind with things, then i am not thinking of the pain so much. This is easier said than done, but i do hope that things will improve for you.....Miracle.