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Hello every one more ideas to use. I like meatballs but find the shop bought ones expensive.

Beside in the ones I make I know what is in them.

All I buy is Sausages good quality ones. Take out of the skins and roll them in to a rough meatball shape.

Monday or a Tuesday some thing simple to cook.

Especially start of the week.

Do this recipe.


You need the following. Good quality Pork Sausages check packet 97% . Is the quantity of Sausage Meat in the ones I buy.

Per person two sausages makes four small Meatballs. 

One Sauté Pan. A Pot for Pasta. Slotted spoons . Knife for Onion.  Salt  Boiling Kettle.  Olive Oil.

For Sauce buy good quality jar Pasta Sauce.

or feeling wish to make your own. In a blender.

Tin tomatoes Plum, Tomato Puree, Tomato Ketchup a squirt each  Onion cut and diced..  Garlic Powder 1 teaspoon, Italian seasoning herbs. 1 teaspoon, Stock cube, Black Pepper 1 teaspoon.

Blitz up.

To this recipe Pasta sauce makes a lot. You can add other things to it. Add Pesto from a jar, or Red Roasted Peppers , some Paprika, or chilli flakes. You can add also Porcini Mushrooms or Peppers or vegetables like Zucchini great for hiding veggies. 

Other things like Olives or Anchovies.  Done this sauce with frozen diced Onions very good.

Understand if you make a home made Pasta sauce then you can freeze it to portion for numbers.

Pasta your choice any.


Put pasta water on. Using Boiling water from a kettle. Careful have filled this up halfway . Two trips to fill a stock pot bring to a boil medium heat. Add a handful of salt.

Add Pasta when a rolling boil.  Handful per person.  On the packet usually a time. Adjust to your own timings. I usually do ten minutes and check for a bite. Al dente then ready to sauce..

Sauté Pan heat up medium heat.  Add Olive Oil. a teaspoon be OK.  There is fat in the Sausages.  Out of skins Sausages roll into Meatballs into pan and let it sear.

You may have to move Meatballs keep turning till cooked . Use Serving Spoons to move them. Around the Pan.

Add Sauce either from a jar or home made portion should not be drowned in sauce just a coating. Add more if you wish to.

From Pasta Pot using a slotted spoon add Pasta to Sauce. Mix.

To a serving bowl top with Cheese optional.

Bueno Appetito.


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