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Universal Credit LCWRA & Thinking of self employment

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edited March 2019 in Universal Credit (UC)
Hello, im looking for a little advice. Ive recently in november been awarded LCWRA due to depression, anxiety and complications in my mental health. Due to the complications and the way my mood can fluxuate so much, i was dismissed in november and im currently unable to work. I do miss working as i feel it helped my routine however i know im not able to hold a job with an employer due to this. 

Im just wondering if i was to become self employed, on the basis of working from home as a online travel agent how would this effect my LCWRA, i currently get the higher rate of it and its been awarded for 18 months. 

As i say due to my anxiety and depression i dont feel confident enough to step back into a workplace, but think having something to do with my day and some rouine would help me which is why ive been looking into this option. My family have agreed to help me with the self employment option, and said they will oversee things when If I take a bad turn as I have done previously. 

Any help and guidence would be much appreciated



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