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What is your favourite Easter Egg?

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With a bank holiday tomorrow Thursday is the new Friday! Do you have any plans for the Easter weekend? My friend texted me early this morning from the toilet - hiding from her children, asking and searching for their Easter Eggs :) Another friend is looking at free from or vegan Easter Eggs, any suggestions? Who knew Easter Eggs can cause so much stress?!

chocolate easter egg bunny and some flowers

Which Easter Egg do you prefer? If I have not mentioned your favourite please let us know. Wishing you all a lovely Easter weekend. :)

What is your favourite Easter Egg? 4 votes

Maltesers Teasers Egg
Antonia_Alumni 1 vote
Galaxy Minstrels Easter Egg
debbiedo49 1 vote
Cadbury Creme Egg
Richard_ScopeAdrian_Scope 2 votes
Terry's Chocolate Orange Easter Egg
So Free White Chocolate Alternative Egg (diary free)