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Hi MR turned down so considering appealing decision but was advised by someone on another site that i would not qualify under the descriptor of planning and folliwing a journey as i get to work by cab  always with someone as i cannot go out or go by cab by myself due to my anxiety it causes me to get dizzy and i cannot move unless i have someone to hold on to which is every day maybe i will just give up jow and save myself anymore stress and anxiety and as i can no longer afford to keep paying cab fares consider resigning from my job of 20 years what advice do you suggest.
Thank you.


  • KeyLuke
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    @diane260965 from what I know of going through my own pip application; the fact your anxiety is so bad that you need the use of a cab and another person would indeed suggest it worth applying for an appeal; though I would run it past your local citizens advice service first; I’m waiting on my MR decision and don’t hold out much hope for it as they’ve already declined it once already! Just persevere and try to stay strong. Do you have people you can take with you?
  • cristobal
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    @diane260965 (and @KeyLuke)

    I think that advice you received on the other site sounds correct as the descriptors under ‘moving around’ refer to 'overwhelming psychological distress' Anxiety is specifically excluded.This is from the DWP guidelines, which hopefully will help you ...

    "OPD means distress related to a mental health condition or intellectual or cognitive impairment resulting in a severe anxiety state in which the symptoms are so severe that the person cannot undertake a journey without being overwhelmed. The threshold is a very high one - a claimant who is anxious, worried or emotional does not meet it."

  • cristobal
    cristobal Member Posts: 984 Disability Gamechanger
    @ilovecats - I will bow to your more detailed and expert knowledge....(I was just going by the guidelines which seem to rule out 'anxiety'?)

  • diane260965
    diane260965 Member Posts: 10 Listener
    Mine really is overwhelming yaje tonight for instance waiting for my cab with the oerson who is always with me it said 3mins in those 3 mins i started shaking feeling dizzy had to hold on to persons arms head was banging heart beating very fast  even wet myself when the cab got there got in started to calm down by the time i git hone which was 15 mins back to semi normal but still headache dry throat and pounding in my ears this is an everyday occurrence which is really horrible i would love to be nirmal and do nirmal things wuth my famuly but cant i miss out on so much i cant even gusit my grandchildren believe me this is nit by choice.


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