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Motability A Charity Really?

As someone who was recently awarded enhanced mobility I have been looking into the Mobility scheme. 
The more I read about them making vast sums of profit and their swanky offices, with art on the walls, and their CEO earning a 1.7m salary, the more I think it's a cheek that they are considered a charity.

I can lease a Honda Jazz 1.3 i-VTEC S for 1 advanced payment of £158.58 and then 36 payments of £158.58 at 5000 miles per year. Motability would want my full allowance which would be £244.80. I know you get insurance, servicing, tyres and breakdown included with Mobility, but that is a saving of £86.22 a month which would more than cover the extras.

The point being is that they are supposed to be a charity, who get the cars vat free etc, so why do their prices not reflect this?


  • Misscleo
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    Thank you if been saying this for many years.
    They are in the same class as the RSPCA they pay themselves way over the top.
    They were no help to me, infact I found car dealers were more affordable.
    Time the govenment audit that scheme 
  • wheeler1964
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    Unfortunately, this has been know about for a long time and the government have done nothing. Unless a charity take this up and try and lobby the government, future generations will be commenting on this long after we are dead and buried.
  • Geoark
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    Motability Operations, to which these facts relate to is a limited company not a charity.

    The renumeration for the Director of Motability, which is a charity was £177,407 for 2017/18 a far cry from £1 million.

    Motability leases are through Motability Operations - the company, not the charity.

    Both Motability and Motability Operations have agreed an arrangement with the National Audit Office to be audited by them for three years. Neither are above criticism, but it is worth reading the NAO audit to get some facts. A couple of key points raised was Motability Operations risk aversion policy and performance indicators related bonuses being set too low.

    As an individual I stood alone.
    As a member of a group I did things.
    As part of a community I helped to create change!

  • wheeler1964
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    You are correct, Motability operations is a limited company but they are connected to Motability the charity. if the head of Motability only gets £177,407 (does that include all the extras) and the head of Motability operations got £1.7m in 2016-17 that was the total including the extras, and after it was revealed he resigned.

    At the end of the day I don't particularly care what they get. I just know something isn't quite right. If I can lease a car from a dealer and pay the full VAT etc, for a lot less than Motability want, considering Motability don't pay the VAT and get a better deal that I would ever get. Can someone please explain to me why that is?
  • poppy123456
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    Of course you don't have to use the mobility payment for a car, you can use the money and lease your own car, or buy one yourself.

    Remember that no everyone is lucky enough to be able to get a loan or a lease for a car, therefore they have little option but to use motability, i'm one of them.
  • April2018mom
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    Remember that not everyone can afford to buy a car. My family have no choice but to use the scheme. We spend the money on my mobility scooter and a wheelchair friendly car. 
  • wheeler1964
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    Remember that not everyone can afford to buy a car. My family have no choice but to use the scheme. We spend the money on my mobility scooter and a wheelchair friendly car. 
    I don't really understand what you're saying. You're not buying a car you are leasing one. Using your PIP payment instead of leasing from motability you lease it yourself, and in the case of the Honda example, at a lower cost. Obviously you will only be able to go ahead with a private lease if your credit rating is ok.