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Hi all, I'm living in a council house waiting for a move will thus trigger a move on to universal credit l get ESA and pip with sdp I've heard so many stories people saying that l won't move other to uc because I get sdp how true is this ? Really don't want to be on uc thanks


  • CockneyRebel
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    Hi @Chelsea100 and welcome

    At this moment in time you cannot claim UC if you are in receipt of SDP
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  • Chelsea100
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    That's good to know thankyou

  • BenefitsTrainingCo
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    As CR says, you won't have to claim UC whilst you continue to meet the SDP conditions. These are getting a disability benefit (eg PIP daily living), no one gets carer's allowance, and you live alone (disregarding children, lodgers/joint tenants, people who are also on a disability benefit - these are the complicated bits of the rules but if you're living alone already, no need to worry about them). 

    If you still meet the SDP conditions when you move then your income-related ESA with the SDP will continue, and you'll be able to make a new claim for housing benefit, even if your new home is in a different local authority.

    If your new home is in the same local authority, you should be able to either get housing benefit even if you've never claimed before, or just alter any existing claim for housing benefit which you have now.

    The only reason you would need to claim UC would be if you had a change which meant you had to make new claims for benefit AND you lost your SDP (eg you started to live with another adult who wasn't on disability benefits).

    Hope this helps and that your move comes through soon.

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  • Chelsea100
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    Thank you that has helped a lot feel less stress now x


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