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I Knew my Assessor at PIP Assessment

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Hi all, 

I've not interacted with the site for a while due to a long stint of physical and mental illnesses flaring up. I'm in the middle of high of bipolar at the minute so I'm at a thousand miles an hour. So forgive me in advance.

Background: 26y, bipolar diagnosis 3 years ago, chronic anxiety 4 years ago, lower back/joint problems flared up 3 years ago. Diagnosis end of 2018 of Fibromyalgia and EDS hypermobility. I can't work because of the nature of my mental health issues and pain I'm in every single day.

I struggle to do most things most of the time, especially interacting with people, budgeting and decisions on anything.

I was on Enhanced daily living PIP until November 2018 when it was time for my review, I attended the review and it was someone I went to school with taking the assessment - I asked her if it is allowed and she said ''yeah it will be fine".

It was not fine, it was embarrassing and made me feel like a shell of a human. I knew what the outcome would be before I opened the letter, 'Reduced to Standard Daily Living' 

My condition had worsened since my last assessment but she still proceeded to tell utter lies in my assessment sheet. She didnt even ask half of the questions but managed to fathom up an answer in the paper. 

I couldn't deal with Tribunal, so after MR rejected, I just left it. But now it's getting to me.

Is it actually allowed/okay if you know your assessor? 
We weren't friends or anything we just had the same friends at school.

Thanks for any help or advice in advance


  • Chloe_Scope
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    Hi @Carl_abc, thank you for sharing this with us and I'm sorry the award got reduced! I am unsure about your query but will have a look for you. Did you contact DWP after the assessment about knowing them? 

  • Carl_abc
    Carl_abc Member Posts: 11 Connected
    Unfortunately not - I don't think, I may have mentioned it in my MR letter, but unsure if it was relevant. 

    I was quite possibly concentrating on my anger at how the assessor could have totally fabricated most of her report. I'm at a loss at what to do - as I couldn't face another gruelling tribunal. It made my conditions worse last time for a long time. 

    Thanks for your reply 

  • cristobal
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    @Carl_abc - I'm not certain what the answer is but personally I don't see a problem with you knowing the assessor. It maybe that it's something that is quite rare so isn't covered in the DWP procedures etc.

    I think it might be best concentrating on the reasons why you think you should get higher rate, rather than the assessor, although I acknowledge that this is difficult...

  • atlas46
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    Hi @Carl_abc

    Unfortunately, the PIP guide for assessment is silent, about the assessor knowing the claimant.

    Have you considered getting welfare rights advice, and pursuing an appeal.

    Take your time to consider what your next steps might be.

    Keep us informed.
  • Carl_abc
    Carl_abc Member Posts: 11 Connected
    @cristobal & @atlas46 - Thanks for your replies - 

    @cristobal - the problem would be - in my opinion - that person might only remember you as they last knew you - and thus coming to the conclusion that things aren't as bad as you are making out. 

    On the flip side - they could give you preferential treatment - so DWP must have some form of procedure in place where this could happen.

    As stated previously I focused in MR on why I feel I was entitled to a higher rate - but nearly all MR end up rejected.

    Thanks anyway for your insight, maybe I should just call them and ask for an answer 
  • thespiceman
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    Hello @Carl_abc Sorry to hear about your assessment.  I know that it is difficult for you to deal with.

    I know is it possible for you to consider looking at support for your mental health issues.

    I know myself been not too good. Yet I know how to cope and deal with certain situations.

    My mental health is important to me and my wellbeing.

    From reading do you think you would be helped and supported by accessing some mental health floating support for your self.?

    I know sometimes by accessing support and dealing with the issues you have might be beneficial to your wellbeing. You could get help with your benefit situation.

    I used this charity last time. Might not be in your area.  Something to consider.


    I do understand what you are going through.  As we as a community are here to advise, guide and ready to listen.

    No one should be going through an assessment with finding some support or guidance or advice.  We as a community do know that there are problems with the assessment procedure.

    Having myself been through many in a my lifetime.  The reassurance you need is to find the right support, guidance to deal with anything like a MR or a Tribunal.

    We are here to offer anything.  Be helpful.  Have a look at our website.

    Please take care.


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  • Carl_abc
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    @thespiceman Thanks for all your help in that post, I'll be sure to have a look into that as even my GP just throws pills at me and expects me to get on with life.

    Thanks again
  • thespiceman
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    Hello @Carl_abc Thanks for reply. That is OK. I do understand my self and it is something that I come across all the time.

    The situation with your Doctor.  Sorry to hear that. 

    Know it is always there to look at any additional support you might need.

    Another organisation if having issues with your GP.  RETHINK they offer advocate service aid and help those having some difficulty with their appointments anything medical or NHS.

    Have a look on line.  There website.

    Happy to be helpful and supportive.

    Keep in touch.

    Take care.

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