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Bi-Polar Disorder and Antipsychotics.

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Hello everyone,
About 20 years ago I was put on 4mg of the antipsychotic drug Respiridone for what was quite a bad psychosis. All I did while on this drug was stay in bed and I couldn’t function normally at all. The problem I have is trying to reason with why the psychiatrists at the time kept me on it for years on end. I had no life and feel that so many years have been wasted. After the initial psychosis I think the dose should have been lowered. Your thoughts on this please. ?


  • poppy123456
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    We are not medically trained here and can't give you any advice unfortunately. When you need advice about medication then the best person to speak to is your GP.
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    Best advice is from the post above. Some of the medications i was on for pain made it hard for me to function to on a daily basis so i totally understand how you feel. Hopefully your GP will be able to offer you something that's effective but will allow you to get about more. From my experience is usually very much trial and error with medications.

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