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Fork in the road settle with what's left or pursue what's right

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Hello to all, I'm new to this community and am happy to find it as already have seen some interesting stuff and useful information. My story *Sigh* 
I had s heart 6 years ago a few weeks before my 30th bday that's left me with breathing issues as can be imagined, the following year while training again ot get fit I injured my knees and they never healed and turned into osteoarthritis in both knees the following year I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes the following year I went keconic (doubt spelt correctly forgive me) while trying to get fit by drinking smoothies which wasnt a wise plan as the sugars in fruit messed me up as had a lot, the following year I got 12 clots on my lungs 6 on each the following year I got a clot in my leg the following year (lol can you see a pattern) i got rear ended by a drunk driver in a drive thru and injured my shoulder which still hurts and after 12 physio sessions and MRI scan on my shoulder is still undiagnosed as and is thought to be a neck injury... lol as I write this wow that's allot anyway as you can imagine I have allot of issues oh yeah I also have plantar fasciitis in my right foot I cant walk too well the clot in my leg left pain combined with the plantar fasciitis and osteoarthritis in knees its painful daily getting around  I get PIP for daily living due to needs but I get low rate mobilility had a review few months ago the accessor agreed theres issues but stated she noticed I stopped 3 times during the long walk( they set you up on to see how far you can walk) anyway I want to appeal and take it the tribunal but worried everything can be lost I'm not faking my issues and worried that they do secret filming those who suffer from things know you have good and bad days what if they see you on a good day where it's not that bad and make assumptions for instance I live by myself and when I do my food shop I have to leave the walkong stick and walk things in from my car back and forth but as soon as I step in my house I have to rest for a while before I even unpack my shopping im in constant pain from my shoulder, it hurts so bad I've literally had dreams and the pain is present Im just worried about pushing the system even though those around me say I should losing my benefits would cripple me more and guess I just wanted to get this all off my chest and maybe get some advice... sorry for the long winded post like I said I'm new here 


  • poppy123456
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    They don't film everyone. The only time they may film someone is if someone has reported that person for something and they think suspect benefit fraud.

    No one on an internet forum can tell you if you risk losing what you already have by requesting the MR/Tribunal. For this you really should get some face to face advice from an agency near you. This link will help you find what's local to you.

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    Hi @Ashman83 and a warm welcome to the community. Here on the online community it wouldn't be possible to assess whether or not it would be worth appealing the claim. However, if this is something you choose to do then I'm sure we'd be able to support you and advise the best organisations to give you specialist advice about the claim :)


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