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How do you cope with stress?

lmj011727 Member Posts: 3 Listener
I am a stay at home parent caring for my child with LD. It gets too stressful at times and I'm just curious how the other parents here cope with the situation. It's not like we love our child any less, but sometimes it can get overwhelming. Is it just me? 

Share me your methods of coping, please :) 


  • Chloe_Scope
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    Hi @lmj011727 and a warm welcome to the community!! I'm sure you certainly are not alone in this and what you have said makes complete sense.

    What ways do you currently have? Meditating with apps such as Headspace or Calm are said to be beneficial and you can do sessions as short as 3 mins so don't need to take too long. Or what about keeping a gratitude log, to help keep you grounded?

    I understand this can be very challenging at times and I hope the community will be able to share their advice with you :)

  • veeleather
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    I cannot say in regard your specific circumstance ,, but for me,, i have been disabled over 40 years in constant pain,, in the last week i have lost the use of a leg ,, which is a bit annoying and now need to use crutches,,

    But in answer to your question,,

    What has worked for me i certainly cannot speak for others but for me this works,

    I have a very very real snapshot image of being on a old sailing boat, i feel the cold wind, the noise of the ropes humming and wood creaking the splash of cold sea spray in my face etc,

    i created this feeling to be as real as possible and only for a few seconds, 

    But i had to push this image into my head when the blackdog of depression or stress reared its head it took three months but it trained my mind to avert away from the stress and depression's i was getting ,, 

    As i say this will not work for everyone,, but for me it has helped massively in over thinking  the thoughts and negativity stress can bring allowing a more positive clearer outlook of what i can do,,  

    Basically the ship acts as a block or brickwork to stress and depression, others use' sitting on a sunny hillside with a good landscape,,, the choice is yours just make a as true as possible false memory and a 'snapshot' 

  • April2018mom
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    To answer your questions

    1- “I’m going to take a break now” is what I say when I am stressed and need to escape for a bit. My stepkid knows it’s time for her to intervene and take control. I go onto the balcony to breathe in the fresh air and relax looking at the stars. Or I go to my room and lie on the bed with the door closed for a hour. If neither of the options will work I call a friend and ask her to meet me in the lobby of the apartment building. We then drive to a place where the kids can burn calories and stay healthy too. 
  • lmj011727
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    Your responses are so overwhelming! Indeed it was a good choice to be a part of this community. I've been wanting to talk to others who can share the same situation as me because sometimes even if our friends are genuinely there for us, they cannot relate. 

    The methods you say are what I do to. Basically I have to take a break and have a few moments to breathe and calm down. Friends and family are very helpful too. Sometimes I just need my me time and then I can get back on my feet. I also have vivid images in my head that I activate if I want to be somewhere else and far from my misery.

    Aside from seeking communities where I can get and give support, I am also recently into podcasts that talk about what I experience too. This podcast clicked to me so much: and I am still looking for other content that will give us carers understanding and comfort.

    Let us all continue to support one another! Thanks for all your replies, I feel welcome :) 
  • Chloe_Scope
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    Aw that is so lovely @lmj011727! I'm so glad you feel like this! 

    I'll have to check out the podcast- thanks for sharing!

  • Adrian_Scope
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    Scope community team

    Podcasts are great aren't they @lmj011727? If nothing else, they often help make me feel a little less like I'm dealing with things alone! :smile:
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  • Chloe_Scope
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    I hope the relaxing is going well today @lmj011727 :)
    Do you have any other podcast recommendations?