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Contradicting/discrepancies in assessment report.

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Hi everyone, my wife had her assessment/ interrogation two weeks ago,
Quick low down on conditions before I start. She has ms which the consultant is questioning secondary progressive. Was on dla and transferred to pip three years ago and currently is in receipt of standard care, high rate mob.

Conditions have steadily deteriorated so I've been helping her in dressing/undressing and washing etc. So notified pip of changes. 

rang dwp on Wed to request report, it came today and it is unbelievable how many contradicting, discrepancies and spelling mistakes are in the report... 
According to the tick boxes she only scored 8 points for care.... What the assesor typed up under the boxes contradict what she's put in the tick boxes. ie needs to use aid/ appliance while bathing/washing. But she's typed that she cannot wash herself. 

Uses aid/appliances to help get dressed. But typed that I dress her as she's unable to dress herself. 

What's more annoying is that she's scored her
4 points for mobility (stating she can walk over 50meters up to 200 meters aided/unaided.)
Even though she's typed that she struggles to walk around the house with a 4 wheeled walker, needs to sit down often and struggles with balance, Can only walk 5/6 steps at most. 

Question is it going to be MR/tribunal time when decision letter arrives?

Or will the CM have common sense to query how the report doesn't add up? 


  • wilko
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    One would hope so, others have reported the assessor to the company concerned and have been told that person doesn’t work for them any more, that may be true or just to put you us off from following thing up. I think and believe that if a court case was made against an assessor we would find more accurate assessments being reported. The assessors knowing they could be prosecuted for miss or wrongly  reporting of assessments .
  • Cleverblocks
    Cleverblocks Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Thank you for your reply wilko. It's a very stressful time, you would hope that the assessors would be more accurate with their reports rather fabricate the answers you give them. I rang dwp to address my concerns about the report but the call handler didn't seem to fussed and said its nothing to do with them and to just wait for the decision to be made. 
  • April2018mom
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    My son’s first ever assessment report contained a number of lies. I contested their decision with the help of my son’s amazing social worker. I read the whole assessment report sitting down on the couch with a glass of wine for moral support. Definitely call up. Also I briefly toyed with the idea of going to the newspapers and telling a reporter our story. 
  • kdj
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    recently had my assessment done and have found the assessor had taken parts of sentences from medical statements to give totally different meaning to what was actually being said ie : medical statement reads "  Mr _____ can manage his symptoms but only in the confines of his home and on an extremely limited diet , which is not conducive for his long term health and wellbeing " the report says " findings are not consistent as report dictates that he is able to manage "  this is just one of several misrepresentations of medical reports ,  my MP got involved and put in a formal complaint to I A S ( ATOS ) upon which they have investigated themselves only to find nothing untoward and my MP says there is nothing else he can do !  if the assessors themselves are not being policed by independent inquiries the assessment companies are effectively being given a licence to do what they want with no consequences . ( do this in a court and you would be charged with making false statements or perjury ) I only hope when I challenge this in the tribunal, that I will inevitably end up at that this is noted and dealt with , oooh ive just seen a flying pig !!!  ( pardon the sarcasm )


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