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Hi all after many tests CARL58 has early stages of (FTD) frontotemporal dementia,it explains alot of thing's medication can help but getting the dosage right, he's still in hospital but have dropped the section on mental health grounds,so he's now classed as voluntary, inpatient,not allowed off the ward without an escort.doesnt like the new ward as there all old fogies.but it seems quieter.not alot I can add I'm fine still want to get him to canada god willing.take care all Jen


  • Ami2301
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    Hi Jen, thank you for the update on Carl. How are you feeling about his new diagnosis? It is overwhelming and relieving to finally know answers. As always, we are here for you :)
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    @CARL58, nice to hear from you again giving us a update, finally getting a diagnosis and answers to so many questions and the relieve of know that all the previous symptoms had a meaning and now diagnosed allowing you to plan an manage your life a bit better. I’m off to church shortly so I will be thinking  of you and many others as we celebrate the Eucharist. Keep us update when you feel the need or want a chat or opinion.