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Home Visit Postponed - what happens now?

Bit advice needed.
I was told that I was going to get a home visit for my F2F but was told it would take a while. I asked for it to be recorded and a female HP preferred due to the nature of my disability. My requests were noted. That was 8 months ago.

I received a letter Saturday informing me of an appointment on 8th July. My assessor is Male and no mention of whether it would be recorded.

I called yesterday and was told that they needed to speak to someone higher and I would be called backed yesterday. By 3pm today I had not received a callback.

I called and spoke to an advisor who explained that it can be recorded but the assessor allocated does not have any recording equipment with him. In view of this it was best to cancel my appointment and then it will be rebooked for when an assessor is in my area with recording equipment. I explained school holidays are coming up in next two weeks and that a home assessment is hard to conduct with 2 children present as I have no childcare facilities. The advisor has taken these dates and said they will be in touch.

Will benefit still continue as normal until a new appointment is made? They were really helpful on the phone which just seems too good to be true.

Any answers greatly appreciated x


  • poppy123456
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    It can very often take much longer when you request an assessment to be recorded. As they canceled the appointment this time then your money will continue. However, for future appointments that you receive do remember that you can only cancel an appointment once and you must accept the next one they give you.

    I highly doubt they will take into consideration your child care issues.


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