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Tribunal for my pip decision has been booked

nicolafhurstnicolafhurst Member Posts: 29 Connected
edited July 2019 in PIP, DLA and AA
I have really bad Crohn’s disease suffered for years had operations after operation s and I’m now not even able to do anything for my self due to my illness I go toilet all the time I can’t hold my self I have to wear continent pads I have accidents all the time so I don’t like to leave the house I don’t go anywhere with out my parents even my children have to help me if my parents are not with me so applied for pip over a year ago and the lady came asked me a few question in front of my mum I got low mobility and low disability but I was only given either 2 points or nothing for everything I have hospital evidence doctors letters I can’t even lift anything due to my joints being so bad she lied about our meeting saying she asked me to do things and I could do them and that wasn’t the case . She asked me to do 3 things I tried and eventually she asked to to sit down I apologised to her cause I couldn’t do it she said don’t be silly it’s more than my jobs worth to let u carry on so I got two points for my toilet needs even though I go at least ten times a day I can’t hold my self I have accidents and my mum has to clean me when this happens as I cannot do this so cut a very long story short I know have a hearing booked after a year just over and I’m unsure what to expect can anyone help thank u x


  • April2018momApril2018mom Posts: 2,869 Member
    In terms of toilet assistance, please remember frequent trips to the bathroom does not automatically mean you qualify. They look at your ability to use a toilet independently. The descriptors are based on how much assistance is needed.
    My son needs a fair amount of help. He has spina bifida and is cathed. In layman terms he does currently require a trusted sensible adult with him. I used the extra boxes to tell them of this. I also mentioned the fact he is on medication for his bladder issues. 
    I wrote the name on the form. I also made sure to inform them he needed catheters and it takes some time. We are working on self cathing. 

  • nicolafhurstnicolafhurst Member Posts: 29 Connected
    Thank you for commenting yes I have to have help from my mum she cleans me up if I have accidents as it’s too hard for me to do this by my self I go toilet at least 10 times a day and at least two of them are accidents so I can’t manage this my self I even have to ask my older son who is 14 to help if my mum isn’t with me and that’s horrible on it’s own x
  • FribrofighterFribrofighter Member Posts: 4 Listener
    I had my tribunal decision turned down due to the fact that they only take the decision from your face to face so any other evidence is not really looked at they seem friendly but I found it horrible good luck and hope it works out
  • nicolafhurstnicolafhurst Member Posts: 29 Connected
    Bless u babes I just want it over and done with so did u not get pip at all 
  • FribrofighterFribrofighter Member Posts: 4 Listener
    No not at all so deflated at the min want to give up may have to apply again its been a year of fighting and haven't got anywhere at all cc
  • nicolafhurstnicolafhurst Member Posts: 29 Connected
    I’m so sorry to hear that I got from my face to face assessment normal disability and mobility I’m appealing as my asser said I was able to do all movements beside s 3 she only asked me to do 3 and the third one I couldn’t do very well so I apologised and she said no it’s more than my jobs worth to let u carry on she said cause stroked my little dog and could do things that I know I couldn’t do and so on so I’m appealing about her decision as I either got two points for things or none nothing was in between I would keep going I know u can re a peal against there decision keep going get more evidence from hospital s x
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