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Need advice please about PIP

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Hi im hoping for some good advice 
I have had a pip assessment it wasnt a good experience scored 0 
I did MR which scored me 0 again but while in the process of waiting for an appeal date i received a letter stating they have decided to award me standard living for pip and scored me 11 points.
I accepted but i feel i should of scored more 
I only scored 2 for preparing and cooking food as they say i looked yhin and pale and therefore i need prompting to prepare and cook a meal BUT  in actual fact i cant do this at all but they havent listened 
Ive explained that heat light sound smells cause incredible stress i am clumsy forgetful and literally lack common sense like switching off things etc i cant even cooe with the sound of chopping.
I cant cope with hot enviroments cant multitask its that bad i wish a kitchen didnt exist.
I also never get hungry i can go and go until i drop 
My partner has always done the cooking but i stay upstairs in my room with the door shut.
I feel i should of scored more on this but im scared to challenge it incase i lose my pip award as the new award states if im unhappy i should carry on to tribunal.
Last week i had an assessment for ASD and its comfirmed im actually autistic 
Ive been diagnosed anxious ocd depressed etc for years but infact im actually autistic 
I rarely leave my bedroom let alone the home because i have sensitivities with heat light smell taste sounds etc.
I dont yet have my report through to confirm this.
I cant think straight with it 
Should i tell them ive been diagnosed with autism only im scared i will have to have another assesment which i only had 3 months ago and it made me so ill the stress of it is unexplainable but i wanted to die rather than go 
Should i risk tribunal and just send my report to them when it comes???
Also my award says i cant appeal the decision on page 1 but on the last page says i have one month to appeal to tribunal which is confusing.
They also state in my award letter they used my esa assessment report to re score me points which again confuses me as i thought the 2 are completely separate claims 
Hope someone can give me some advise im struggling with information overload atm and i vant shut my mind off 
I normally put earphones in to calm the over thinking and stress but it isnt working 
Ive found this page by accident and need some help 
I cant even get over being told i have autism and past has hit me like a double decker bus im 45 how did no one see it until now 


  • CockneyRebel
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    Hi @Darkworld and welcome

    PIP is awarded based on how you manage daily activities and or mobility, and not on diagnosis, illness or condition.  Only your condition at the time of your assessment wil be taken into consideration if you do decided to go to tribunal. Your new diagnosis may go some way to help explain the difficulties you had at the time.

    It would be in your best interest to get trained help from an agency near you, CAB, welfare rights or similar
    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste


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