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ESA 2 Universal Credit & HB few more questions

I have recently been trying to find advice regarding a new claim for Universal Credit as i have just completed a tenancy agreement and have moved into the flat (1 bed) (full rent paid at £90 a week - did a benefits check) 

My questions are regarding Universal Credit. As currently i am in the work related ESA (not support group) although i was in the support group pre 2017 - and before that i was incapacity benefit ect. So im just wondering how this (Claiming after july 2017 ESA) will effect my claim for universal credit. Do i state that i was receiving incapacity benefit from 2013-2014 then onto ESA support group from 2015 - 2018 , then lowered to Work related ESA from 2018 - current 2029. Im just not sure how i should apply my recent benefits , and will i be in the category that entitles me better Universal Credit because i was in support group before July 2017.. i might have this all wrong, but im correct on my dates and i was on incapacity benefit up until 2014 then onto support group ESA until 2018 , then i was put into work related 2019 until now...

Im asking this because when i did a benefits calculation i was not sure how to answer the question (was my claim made before july 2017)

apart from that question i think iv got everything else covered and i should receive enough UC and HB to manage the rent and living expenses. Im still a little unsure as to weather i am going to have to re-claim for my Sick though... I currently don-not have to hand in sick notes on the work related ESA so im not sure , How would anybody advise me in making my claim for Universal Credit and include my current ESA situation so i don-not have to make a reassessment or new claim for ESA. 

im expecting that i may have to make a new claim for the Sick/ESA but iv been told in one forum that i should not go and get a sick note as this would trigger a new assessment. And rather i should make my claim for UC with the ESA component ongoing with the new claim.

If anybody can help, id be very great-full.

Im 36 - on ESA work related after a long period of incapacity benefit until 2014 then onto ESA support group and now in work related ESA. i currently receive around £190 per fortnight on work related ESA and after deductions around £175.

the UC estimates il be alot better off, but im just not sure about weather i will only receive the UC until im assessed for ESA again if i make this new claim for esa or will they continue my ESA with my new claim because my claim began long before 2017 although i have changed from incapacity benefit to ESA support group to Work related currently... I really need to get clued up on this part of the claim, If anybody can advise me. 

Iv moved into new flat on 11th and have paid deposit and 1st month rent.

I will make sure i personally receive the rent payments rather than having them sent to agent so i can keep track of arrears and payments rather than agent double dipping me ect. as im sure if they can get away with it they will try it. so im  going to make sure they get each months rent from myself in date on time rather than them receiving more rent and then still charging me, like iv paid the 1st months rent already, so obviously any rent i receive from HB should be going towards the next rent or covering the rent iv just paid rather than agents pocketing it.

Also im not on PIP and i don-not get SDP

I have long term illness though and will be making claim for PIP when i get all my doctors records ect.

But as it stands im going to make my claim for UC starting tomorrow. iv started the online part at ,i think im doing this right) then im going to go into job center tomorrow and request advice as what to do about claiming ect for HB and UC + ESA

this is where your needed advice will come in handy as i will be more prepared in knowing what to expect and how to approach this situation.

So all advice is greatly appreciated.

thank you all very much.



  • poppy123456
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    I see in another thread of yours that your rent is £360 per month. This means that you won't receive £90 per week for the rent because this will mean that you'll be receiving more than your rent, which isn't possible. You'll receive the full £360 per month housing element in with your UC payment. To claim this you will need your tenancy agreement.

    When you claim UC your ESA will stop completely and it will be transferred to UC. When you claim UC online you need to report a health condition but don't send in any fit notes (as advised on another thread) if you do then this will trigger a new work capability assessment assessment. You need to ask your case manager to send the MGP1 form to ESA and this will transfer your ESA details to UC and then you'll be placed in the relevant group for UC which is Limited capability for work (LCW).

    Your ESA claim started before April 2017 this means that in your UC payments you will receive the extra £126 LCW.

    The elements that you'll receive are as follows...
    £317.82 standard element for over 25's
    £126.11 LCW because your ESA claim started before April 2017
    £360 housing element.
    Total amount of UC per month = £803.93 which will include your rent so you will need to pay your rent out of this money. As you're having a deduction already in your ESA then i'm assuming that you owe them money so this deduction will continue in your UC payments.

    There maybe a delay in you receiving the LCW element as this very often happens. If there's a delay then you will be repaid what you're owed.

    If you have already moved into the flat then you need to make a claim for UC ASAP because it takes 5 weeks for your first payment, you should have started a UC claim as soon as you moved into your flat.

    You can ask for an advance payment which you should include your next rent payment in this and keep it to pay your rent. Any advance payment you receive will need to be repaid each month from your future UC payments.

    You will need to claim council tax reduction separately from your local council because it's not part of UC.
  • Adrian_Scope
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    Hello @richydee2019 and welcome to the community. I've cleared up some of your extra threads about this. 

    As Poppy mentions, when you apply for Universal Credit your ESA should transfer over and then be paid from Universal Credit instead of ESA. It will mean that you have no payments from ESA or Universal Credit for 5 weeks but can apply for an advance to cover your bills during this time (however this is repayable from your future UC payments, so only take what you need). When you get your first statement it should have a section on it for LCW of £126.11 as your ESA began before April 2017. 

    Best of luck in your new home. :)

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  • richydee2019
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    edited July 2019
    ok, thank you for your advice, i have one last question. i have started the online application, do i now go into the job center with my tenancy agreement to get everything started. especially as i have moved into the flat as i need to get the ball rolling immediately,

    And or will i be given an appointment date/time.

    really appreciate your advice , your helping me get through this without as much of a struggle as i would of on my own.

    thank you.

    also can i make any adjustments to the website after i have completed filling it in ect, or can i do this when i see an adviser and get dates and everything correct and sorted.

  • poppy123456
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    You say you have started the online application, you need to complete that and then you'll be given an appointment to attend your local job centre to verify your identity and take your tenancy agreement with you.

    During this appointment you will also agree to your claimant commitment. You'll be able to see everything on your journal online.
  • Adrian_Scope
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    Hi @richydee2019, as Poppy said you need to finish your application online. It will then prompt you to make an appointment with your local job centre where you'll hand in things like your tenancy agreement. 
    Let us know how you get on. :)
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