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Running out of supplies

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⚡️⚡️We know our SOS ? function is unusual and people are finding it difficult to use. I therefore have written a post which hopefully will help members to use it for the purpose I designed it for,l


A suitable SOS is one where item(s)requested are required immediately (at home, on holiday, or on a day out), as without it/them their daily routine will be detrimentally affected: 

“Desperately in need of a couple of size small Tenna nappies (or similar). Our son has had upset tummy due to a viral infection and we are going through our allocated supply too quickly. We are going to run out. Please help.”✅

“My daughters feeding tube has cracked. I am on a day out with her. To fit Enfit syringes. “✅

An unsuitable SOS is one that requests items that are wanted/needed for longer term solutions, bulk buying, information purposes, or to advertise products/companies:

“I am looking for a wheelchair for my niece who has ABI. Where should I go?”❌

“I create toys for children with disabilities. Please message me for more details.” ❌

If your message does not meet the SOS brief, please see the Marketplace or our Facebook ‘Skiggle support and chat’ group. 

Please note any none emergency requests will be deleted by our moderators


  • Roddy
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    Hi @Kika... Please forgive my ignorance, but what is an SOS function, and where is it located? I get the idea of it and I can envisage many scenarios when such a function would be very useful. However, is the SOS that you mention, on this site or another one please, and who responds to an SOS request?.
  • Kika
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    Hi. is a website/platform.  I think one of our reviews might help understanding how it is working. If you register on our website you can use system called Sos request.

    A fabulous review form a member, thank you for sharing  ?? 



    I was away on holiday with my family, 5 hours away from home, when I realised I’d not packed enough FreeGo Giving Sets for my son. I was so stressed and distraught (tears running down my face), that my partner offered to drive the 10 hour round trip, through the night, to go and get them! My son would have suffered without feed for that long though ?
    I rang my friend to see if she could help me - she said, send an SOS on Skiggle. I sent one within a few minutes, once I’d composed myself, and a lovely lady came to my rescue! I would have been completely lost without Skiggle! Thank you so much! I’ll definitely be using it again. ??????
  • Roddy
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    Thank You, @Kika The information is helpful & useful, as we never know when or where an 'emergency' could arise for something we may desperately need, and not know what to do or who we can turn to. Many thanks again :) Roddy.  
  • Kika
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    You are welcome ?  I was using it twice (sos). Im putting lots of stuff on marcetplace . You can always check Facebook page .  If you could spread the word about I will be much appreciated. Take care xx