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Permitted work and esa

Hello everyone, I am new to these boards am finding the discussions on here really helpful.

I have a question about ESA and permitted work. I get contributions-based ESA and am in the support group. I have found some work I think I could do as permitted work. Firstly, because I'm in the support group, am I allowed to do permitted work and when give my local job centre my completed form about it, will they start expecting me to see a work coach regularly? I know what I can and can't do and it's taken a long time for me to find something that I think I can physically cope with given my disability (neurologically based).

In terms of the work, it is a zero hours based contract which I think means I can treat it as self-employed work - can anyone confirm this? I would be doing between 6 - 15 hours a week for 30 weeks a year.

Also, if the weekly amount I'm allowed to earn is £131.50 - is it possible to earn more than this some weeks and because I won't be working for 22 weeks of the year, average the earnings out, eg if I earned £200 per week for 30 weeks = £6000 which if divided by 52 = £115.38 per week.

Thanks for reading!


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    There's no average for the earnings limit i'm afraid. It's no more than £131.50 per week after deductions and any weeks you earn more than this then you won't receive any ESA.

    You need to send the PW1 form to DWP and not your local job centre. You won't be expected to see a work coach because you're in the Support Group.

    Do be aware though that if the work you do contradicts the reasons for your ESA claim then you could be re-assessed early and it could go against you when the decision is made on that re-assessment.


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