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Worried and confused

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Just wondering if anyone can help me. Four months ago i had to go to the dreaded pip assessment, the appointment came on Friday for me to be there 9am Monday. Out of the blue, i have really bad anxiety and i suffer from panic attacks so the next two days were hell. I couldn't rearrange or get a home assessment as there was no time,  anyway my carer got us there. Long story short,  a few weeks later i get a letter letting me know my pip has stopped. Zero points. I couldn't believe it. So now im waiting for the tribunal date,  my carer also had their carers allowance stopped. The thing im confused about is that yesterday my carer told me that their carers allowance  has been reinstated. Ive had nothing telling me about my pip being reinstated and im terrified if i ring them it'll be a mistake and I'll jinx myself or it'll mess my claim up. The last 4 months have been awful, i dont go out, I only eat when my carer makes me something, i hardly sleep worrying. Can somebody  tell me if this means that my pip money has probably been reinstated and i just haven't been told yet. 


  • poppy123456
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    I've never heard of carers allowance being automatically reinstated before because it's not a benefit that's automatically paid, so i find this very strange indeed. Carers Allowance wouldn't know someone still cares for you without someone having to claim it.

    DWP wouldn't just reinstate your PIP without first making you an offer in the hope you'll accept that offer.

    You really only have 2 options here. Either your carers needs to ring carers allowance and ask why it's be reinstated because you can't ring as it's not your claim.  Or you can ring DWP and ask about your PIP.

    Good luck.

  • April2018mom
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    Talk to your carer. Ask them politely to ring DWP to ask about PIP or call up to find out what is going on. 
  • Adrian_Scope
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    Hi @tash39, have you heard any more about this? 
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