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What are my rights?

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Good morning,

I'm a newbie and this is my first post so bear with me ?.

I'm 53 and a registered nurse currently working for the private sector where I have been massively under-supported with my change in health needs. However I have a conditional offer of employment to return to work in the NHS.  The post I applied for is a generic adult nurse post so not a specific job as yet.

Apparently I have eligibility under the Disability Act on three separate counts according to an Occupational Health Assessment carried out previously; I have had bilateral hip replacements, severe osteoarthritis requiring me to take slow & fast acting Morphine and needing a total L knee replacement in the near future & more recently have had a pacemaker fitted, have a device inserted into my heart to block a 3cm hole which was discovered & I also have a dilated right heart & I keep having episodes or atrial fibrillation despite medication.

As part of pre-employment checks I had to complete a Health Assessment Questionnaire & I included all the above & also had to declare how much sickness I'd had in the last 2 years.  This has totalled 8 months in two episodes with my cardiac issues, but nonetheless I fear everything looks stacked against me.

My cardiologist has kindly offered to write a letter to help back my application because although I've got a lot of stuff going on, I do manage considerably well; I don't claim any sickness benefits. I do fatigue very quickly and get breathless on exertion, my hips prostheses lack range of movement making manual handling difficult and my heart arrhythmias can happen at anytime.

To be quite frank I don't think I'm fit enough to work on a busy ward anymore but I'm afraid to admit to this in case I shoot myself in the foot & the Trust deem me unemployable! I'm afraid at 53 I simply can't afford to leave work. I'm hoping to be offered maybe a role working in a clinic or the likes.

Do I have any rights as a 'potential' employee to state where I feel I can & can't work or would this be pre-determined by the Trust.  The only  'adjustments' I need are; work in a fairly slow paced environment, with no magnetic field (for my pacemaker), no night duty (cardiologist's stipulation) and limited manual handling.  I'd also need colleagues to understand some days are much better than others. Maybe even regular breaks may be helpful. Are these adjustments 'reasonable' or am I expecting too much?

I so much want to work at this Trust & I have so much to offer them but I have to be honest about my needs too I'm guessing?

Any thoughts or comments would be hugely appreciated.  My apologies for my VERY long 1st post ? x.


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    Hi @Mpv1412

    A very warm welcome.

    If I can make some general observations about the current situation about acute nursing in England and Wales.

    There are currently 100,000 nurse shortages.

    The number of trainee nurses has fallen, since the introduction of tuition fees.

    The numbered of EU nurse working in the UK has fallen, with the pending BREXIT shambles.

    By way of example, my local Acute Trust, is attempting to recruit from the Far East, at great cost and little success.

    You should have been asked to fill in a medical questionnaire, which would have been seen by an Occupational Health Doctor, which may have led to an appointment.

    I would contact the Trust to see if they will make an Occy Health appointment.

    You will be able to see what reasonable adjustments the Doctor recommends for you.

    I would aim for work in OPD and keep away from acute wards.

    Are you a member of RCN, they should assist you.

    Hope this helps.