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Redeployment/Loss of work

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I am currently on medical redeployment, this ends in September at which point i will be dismissed from my employment on medical grounds. I have been given all reasonable adjustments while i have been on deployment, i am currently filling in for staff who are either off work sick or on hols. Medical redeployment requires me to look for a permanent position before the end of September, I'm currently employed for 25 hrs and i can take any job within my remit, any hours, however they have told me that if a job for 16 hours comes up and its suitable i am to take that position, however, i live alone, i am struggling on 25 hrs a week but i am also struggling with work, am on medical redeployment as i have a long term illness, physical illness and mental health issues.
I have taken a few days here and there off sick this year. 
My question, what can i claim or do if i have to take reduced hours and what do i do when my employment ends in September?? Are there any sickness benefits and i will have been dismissed because of my medical condition? I did use to get disabled element tax credits but was taken off me to pass on to universal credits who said no basically as i was a full-time student, so i lost them, even those students loans are a loan! and repayable, universal credit wouldn't allow the tax credits but yet tax credits allowed me nearly 300 a month as a student! if i was entitled to it on tax credits what happened with universal? i was able to work part-time and now I've lost all that income but struggling to work full time?!
Can anyone advise, please?



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