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ESA support contributions based query

Apologies if this has already been covered, but it's crucial I get this right.
Husband was placed in ESA support group, and migrated there from IB. No medical.
I'm looking for full time work, as our son has just left college and financially I have no choice in it.This means we will lose the income based top up etc etc. To be expected; I should add I have my own problems but it's sink or swim time.
So husband will still receive roughly £111 per week. He is claiming contributions based ESA.
He wants to look into permitted work as he'll be on his own much more than he's used to. Fair enough BUT I'm concerned that if he does this he could be reassessed and placed in the work related group, which as you know has a time limit, plus would bring in the dreaded UC. I vaguely remember reading that those migrated to ESA from IB and placed in support couldn't be reassessed. Is this true?
He has many health issues. Personally I don't think it's a good idea for him to do permitted work but it's his choice, and if he couldn't cope then he could always quit.
THE QUESTION IS......could he be sent for a reassessment, and if so what's the possible outcomes?
Also, if I hit the buffers in the future can I be put back on his claim (I don't currently have enough NI contributions)?
I know this is a minefield and here's hoping for a change of regime soon, but legally the social security system is a mess, but it's a mess that could leave me trying to provide for two adults on one paltry wage!
Thanks for reading and any advice would be most welcome. We're totally socially isolated, it's so hard to make life changes when you've nobody to ask, and when the system is such a mess.
I hope this all makes sense to you folks, I tend to ramble......autism aaaaargh!!!!!!


  • poppy123456
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    Yes, your husband can do permitted work providing it's no more than 15.59 hours per week and earnings are no more than £131.50 per week. Before he starts work he needs to contact DWP to ask them to send him the PW1 form, which will need to be filled in and returned.

    However, if the work he does contradicts the reasons why he's claiming ESA then this can go against him the next time he's re-assessed. It can also prompt an earlier assessment.

    I'm not sure what you read about those migrating from IB to ESA can't be re-assessed but i'm afraid that's not correct. For ESA you can be re-assessed anytime from 3 months.  The only time a person isn't re-assessed is if they are placed into the severe conditions group but there's very specific criteria for this and it will be after the next re-assessment.

    When he's next re-assessed he can either be kept in the Support Group, moved to the work group (WRAG) or even be found fit for work. If he's found fit for work then his ESA will stop completely.

    If you decide to return to work and it doesn't work out for you then yes you can be added back onto his ESA claim.

    Do be aware that if you're claiming housing benefit and council tax reduction and you start working then you'll also need to report those changes to your local council. Hope this helps. Good luck with the job hunting.
  • morningall
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    Thank you for clearing that up, very much appreciated.


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