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Hello every one though share some advice and guidance on stress. How to cope and how to deal with it.

Stress we all have it in our lives daily.  Can be a number of things or certain aspects of lifestyle.

Stress is a form of feelings, emotions. Surrounding anxiety or tensions, being fraught unable to cope with every day situations.

Common stress reactions are numerous and can be split into four groups.

Cognitive this means thoughts, feelings, emotions of your mind might be effecting you.

Memory issues.  The lack of concentration. Seeing the negatives the lack of judgement and decisions.  Anxiety and the symptoms of paranoid thoughts.

Emotional Being low moods. Getting annoyed, angry, cannot relax. Feeling pressure. Loneliness and isolation.

Physical   Aches and pains . Stomach issues, Diarrhoea, Constipation.  Nausea or feeling dizzy, Chest pain, fast pulse heartbeat.  Getting colds a lot and infections.

Behaviour  Eating too much or not at all.  Same with sleep too much or little. Feeling and the need to be alone . Want to be isolated.

Not doing duties and responsibilities such as daily duties being clean or washing  or the lack of hygiene.

Using addictive substances as a way to deal with it.  Alcohol, Drugs or Cigarettes.

Stress is good for us. The amount of stress depends on how much is good for us.  An average amount does help. If they are low amounts of stress. We feel low find and get sluggish. lack of interest in things and life.

Too much get over excited, stimulated and confusion.  When it is getting bad then you need to address the issues.

I would always discuss with your GP.  Anything around stress any of the listed symptoms.

There are ways to cope.

These are my ones I use.

First find time to relax.  Use soothing music .  I have on Classic FM or use music I have in my CD collection to just unwind.

Make time for meals. Plan and organise your fridge and freezer. Use days to make if you can meals that are simple and easy to do.

Spend sometime making a meal plan.

I have in my fridge all vegetables prepared. Use Sunday. Have a Soup in the fridge at all time.

Make time to eat. Turn off mobile, computer, TV. Listen to music while eating. Do not rush.

Do some hobbies, interests.  Take time out doing those.

Do meditation.  Switch everything off. Best time is evening.  Before you go to bed.

Talk about your problems your issues. I use this as I have no one. To talk to.

Why not always some one here to talk to. I message to a few people in the community every day or so. Does help.

Use a diary just not for appointments. More than that. Use it for small goals in the week. Organising.  Any tasks.  

Does any one in the community have any ones they use.?

Always happy to share and care.

Thank you all for reading.

@thespiceman .

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    Hi @thespiceman
    Cognitive stress can be more about living with an sensory processing disability, and the daily problems your disability can cause, unexpectedly. 
    The stresses of living with my disability Auditory Processing Disorder can be about not being able o follow a conversaton, or not understanding what someone is saying. And stress and anxiety are also one of the key factors for poor working memory (short term memory). We prioritise who we use our working memories subconsciously, top priority is coping with any illness we may have, next, running any coping strategies we may require to work around our the limitations imposed by any disability, and the running our daily tasks. 
    Unfortunately for me due to the lack of medical and support professionals understanding of my complex disability, and their failure to provide the support that my family need (we all have a clinical diagnosis of Auditory Processing Disorders) the underlying cause of our daily stress will never go away. 
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    Hello @dolfrog   Thank you for sharing with me.  About the situation with your self.

    I do understand what you are going through.

    As one who has partial hearing loss and do find it difficult to understand most people.

    I do think the whole idea of my post was to give every one in the community to recognise stress.

    Stress can be a difficult problem for those who live with this daily.  I am one many of our community members are the same.

    It is how you deal with stress.  How you cope with stress and most importantly how you recognise the need to think clearly be positive.

    Negativity is a sign of stress.  In my own personal circumstances saying my self daily as having mental illness.

    The need to say feel depressed have the thoughts the anxiety of certain situations.  Then the mind and body can not respond.

    Healing and recovery as it is called by many those who have studied those of us in mental health situations. Do know to address the important issues of thoughts.

    Hence CBT. Many other forms of coping methods and strategies.  This is something you learn, get educated by listening.

    Being one  tool another one is thinking positivity. If you keep saying negativity thoughts this effects you. Your body your mind your responses to every day life.

    As in this analogy if your in a hole . Trapped and screaming for help.  Need to say all the time what is happening to me.

    Who is going to help you?  Remember no one is around you on your own. Lonely isolated in this hole.

    What would you do?  

    That is the question you have to ask yourself constantly.

    I am one of these members of the community. Had so much happen to me. My hole was addiction.

    Must also share born with a disability.  My hole.  Plus a lot of physical, and abuse from family all holes I am in .

    I was screaming shouting for help. No one listening. Realised no one likes anger a man who is spitting venom.

    At my support that did not work. Out I went on the streets.  The Doctors and the rest of those who I thought would help. I am in my hole.

    Now realised need to help myself. If I help myself. Then others will listen offer a lifeline. Stress and anger and other emotions are not helping.

    Straight away found salvation, a line of hope.  Got addiction sorted.  

    Found GOD very useful. No need to go to Church just use my bible.

    Have this mental health. Yes I have good days and some bad but know  how to cope.

    Got involved with various mental health charities all useful . Learnt bit by bit.

    To listen, learn and be responsive.  Taken me thirty years to work this out.

    Using this. I can move on and recognise others who need to do the same.

    Stress is an illness like any illness.  Can be helped and aided .  By suggestions, guidance and advice.

    Those who wished to ignore that.  Then they will continue to be in their hole for the rest of their lives.

    Which is sad and very poignant because every one deserves the chance to be rescued given some kind, compassionate words to cope.

    This is what I think.

    If you put stones in your path. Do we walk around or go over. Or do we stop still.

    Take care.


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    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.
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    Hi @thespiceman

    The cause of my stress is the unwillingness of others to understand he complex nature of my life long disability.

    CBT is of little or no help, as it does not begin to explain the nature of my disability, especially to others who need to provide the support we need. The ignorant so called medical  professionals only want to make money providing CBT.

    They do not want to work as part of a multi disciple team to provide the support and understanding we need. So psychologists do not want  to learn about the 4 types of Auditory processing Disorder mainly because the temporal type of Auditory processing Disorder is the main underlying cause of developmental dyslexia, and Educational Psychologists make money assessing dyslexia. Added to which Auditory Processing Disorder has been recognised as the same thing as Specific Language Impairment (SLI) or Developmental Language Disability the new name being marketed by Speech and Language Pathologists. So my stress is being cause by the corrupt medical professionals who only want to make money rather then understanding the real issues and all using the same terminology to explain the exact same issues. 

    I was the first adult in the UK to be diagnosed has having Auditory Processing Disorder, back in 2003, This was done so that i could set up a support organisation for those who may have Auditory processing disorder to help the Medical Research Council get government funding for a 5 year research program. I set up APDUK in 2002-3 and the Medical Research Council got their funding in 2004. The MRC research program 2004 -2009 investigated and explained Auditory Processing Disorder, since then further international research has explained the different types of Auditory processing Disorder. Which is being ignored by UK Audiologists who should be trained and qualified to assess and diagnose all the types of Auditory Processing Disorder, and work as part of a multi discipline team (Audiologists, Speech and Language, Psychologists) to provide assessment , diagnosis, support and understanding for all the complex issues related to the various types of Auditory Processing Disorders.
    Currently these professions are just corruptly trying to ignore that Auditory Processing Disorder exists to maintain their current incomes and avoid the retraining they require. 

    I am well aware of the limitations my Auditory processing Disorder imposes, and more importantly I understand my alternative compensating skills and abilities I use to work around my limitations.  The problem is that the so called medical and support professionals do not want my disability to exist, and do not want to explain the complex nature of my disability to my peers, employers, and local support workers, etc.

    So the real cause of my high levels of stress and high levels of blood pressure are incompetent and corrupt UK medical and support professionals.
    So until these so called professionals get up to date with international research, and begin to understand and explain the complex nature of my Auditory Processing Disorder, there is nothing I can do to reduce my high levels of stress. 

    You take care as well

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    Thank you for sharing these @thespiceman! How are you doing at the moment?