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what was....

vikingqueen Member Posts: 777 Pioneering
What was Captain Hook called before he lost his hand ???


  • atlas46
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    Surly, this is an armless question!
  • vikingqueen
    vikingqueen Member Posts: 777 Pioneering
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    Hello @vikingqueen   All I know about Peter Pan are a bunch of film facts and about the book.

    J.M Barrie wrote the book . Since then he designated all royalties from sales go to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

    Hook real name James Hook.  Just known by that as far as I know.

    Hand bitten off by a crocodile.

    In the Film directed by Steven Spielberg one of his flops.

    Captain James Hook portrayed by Dustin Hoffman did his voice based on the Actor Terry Thomas . Who did a lot of comedies and some of the Ealing Studios and Boulting Brothers films.

    The actress Glenn Close plays a cameo role as one of the pirates crew.

    That is all.

    Take care.


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