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When is LCWRA paid from ?

ucclaimantucclaimant Member Posts: 10 Listener
The DWP have informed me I am wrongly in the Working group of Universal Credit, and they are possibly putting me in the LCWRA group. With backdating, will the payments start 12 weeks from the LCWRA decision (now), or will it be 12 weeks from my first sick note? (first sick note provided July 2018) ???


  • ucclaimantucclaimant Member Posts: 10 Listener
    TLDR: I was wrongly in ESA WRAG and then wrongly put into UC Working Group. The DWP have recognised this and are moving me next week. Can I make a case to be in LCWRA if placed in LCW after being wrongly in ESA WRAG previously? (LCW is follow on from ESA WRAG but I should have been in ESA Support Group (LCWRA). 

    I was claiming contributory ESA from Nov 2017 - July 2018 and then moved to a Universal Credit claim until present. The DWP has informed me that they accept I have been in the wrong group and should be in a limited capability grouping.

    They are unsure which I will receive until it reaches a decision maker next week. I was in the Working group for both benefits. So I believe I that makes a case for LCW. However I have been repeatedly chasing them that I am in the wrong group since being in the WRAG group for ESA. I am signed off from work indefinitely since 2016 and chased a transition to the support group while on ESA. 
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 23,234 Disability Gamechanger

    It will be from the date of the decision that you'll receive the extra LCWRA. If you believe you should have been in the other group previously then you would have had chance to request the Mandatory Reconsideration then Tribunal within 1 month of the decision, as you didn't do that it means you accepted that decision at that time. 
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  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,653 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @ucclaimant, I have merged your duplicate posts. :)

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