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Motability with Toyota Warrington getting my 1st car turned into a nightmare

BiospineBiospine Member Posts: 8 Listener
After constant delays, a salesman that seemed incompetent, failed to inform us of delays with receiving the car, not returning our calls and then when you did speak with him he kept calling my Husband by the wrong name on the phone. We complained to his manager who promised to keep an eye on things and gave us courtesy cars (which were too low for me to get in and out of).
I usee to work in the car industry so know that the sales team get plenty of notice as to when new cars are arriving at the showroom, no not Toyota Warrington, got 2 days notice, impersonal (not even addressed to me Dear Mrs etc) 1 lined email " your car will be ready to pick up Monday or Tuesday, let me know which...neither was convenient. We advised this and the salesman was awkward and rude about it, again addressing my Husband by the wrong name. 
Of course the salesman was nowhere to be seen, day off, the manager waived the advance, which was equal to a months rental, as the correct colour could not be supplied until 2020 but that wasn't possible as my model has been removed from the scheme anyway. So I'm stuck for 3 years with a colour I did not want.
To make matters worse, the manager then asked me not to downgrade my feedback to Toyota as it would cause him loads of paperwork, he promised to discipline the salesman instead and added he had issues before like this with him. So why does he still work there as the Motability sales advisor, he didn't even get the insurance set up correctly for us?
I feel that this would never have happened if I had been a normal Contract Hire customer, I worked in the trade, a new car is polished for the customer to collect, instead my Husband had to spend 2 hours cleaning it and waxing looked second hand when we picked it up😟. Only knocking of a couple of hundred quid for the wrong colour car????? 
I feel that there has been an element of discrimination about this, it's put me off the scheme. I'm worried about complaining as I'm at the mercy of the dealership for services and courtesy car supply but feel the attitude has been very much that it's benefits paying for my car so I've had to put up with what I've been given.
Not even a phone call or email apology.


  • April2018momApril2018mom Posts: 2,869 Member
    Fill it out and also complain to Motability. Let us know what happens next! 
    Use this link to make a formal complaint regarding what happened
  • BiospineBiospine Member Posts: 8 Listener
    April, I am a little worried about complaining, I have to deal with them for 3 years, services, courtesy car supply, then there's returning the car..damage charges etc,  know how petty car salesmen can be...
  • April2018momApril2018mom Posts: 2,869 Member
    Why not write a letter to the Financial Omsbudman? Describe the incidents and ask for something to be done in response. 
  • wilkowilko Member Posts: 2,357 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello, I personally would have refused to accept the car, you ordered a certain colour and had this been not, or no longer available then the dealer should have let you know and ask do you want to proceed with the order. Having accepted and signed for the car it's not all lost have you still got the original order form stating your colour requirements and specifications. You may have a case against the dealer under the sale of goods act, plus take it up with the manufacturer, the dealer won't be happy but hes not your friend just a sales person on commission. Also complained to Mobility. 
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger
    Biospine said:
    April, I am a little worried about complaining, I have to deal with them for 3 years, services, courtesy car supply, then there's returning the car..damage charges etc,  know how petty car salesmen can be...
    You pay motability not the car dealers. Now you've received the car you'll no longer have anything to do with the salesman that sold you the car.

    At the end of the 3 year lease, if you've ordered a different car the car you have now will be returned to the new dealers when collecting the new car, so again no further dealings with the Toyota salesman.

    You should definitely complain.

    When i ordered my first car almost 3 years ago from Suzuki the dealer couldn't be more helpful and rang me with updates until my car was ready for collection.

    Fast forward almost 3 years later i've very recently ordered my next car and this time chose a Peugeot 3008. The day i went to order my car i had to wait for over an hour because the motability dealer was busy with another customer. Eventually he came to get me and immediately apologised for keeping me waiting and said he would make sure that my car was filled with fuel on collection. 4 days later i had a call from the dealer to say my order had been successful and delivery would be November. Couldn't fault him at all.

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