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After waiting 14 month for a visit I received letter saying I have home visit ,11th September and now my money stopped any advice please


  • poppy123456
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    Are you receiving Contributions based ESA or New style ESA? If so and you're not in the support group then this is only paid for 365 days unless you're placed into the Support Group. If placed into this group then it's paid for as long as you remain in there.

    Do you live with a partner that works? it will also be helpful to know whether you receive New style ESA or Contributions based ESA.
  • BenefitsTrainingCo
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    As Poppy says, we can't tell why your money has stopped without more information. If you were only getting contributory/new style ESA, then the money stops after 365 days unless you are in the support group. 

    If your ESA was contributory only, then we'd need to know when exactly you claimed it, and what postcode you were in then, to check whether it was 'new style' or not. If you or a partner you live with have claimed UC since then, your ESA will be new style anyway. 'New style' is just another word for contributory ESA that can't have an income-related part to it (meaning that people have to claim UC if they want an income-related top up & they're getting new style ESA).

    If your ESA has stopped because of the 365 days rule, and the home visit was a work capability assessment, the assessment should still go ahead. If they decide you should be in the support group, your ESA will come back. If they decide you're not in the support group but have limited capability for work, you should be offered what's called a credits only claim (this protects your national insurance record but doesn't give you any money now). If they decide you are capable of work, you won't get any money either and won't be offered a credits only claim, but your options might include claims for other benefits - we'd need to know more about your circumstances to help you with this.

    You can always request a mandatory reconsideration (asking the DWP to look at it again) if you are not happy with the result. You may also be able to request a mandatory reconsideration of the recent decision to stop your ESA, but whether that is worth doing really depends on why it has stopped. Was there a letter telling you what happened? If so, it will help if you can tell us what it said.

    It sounds as if it would also be helpful to seek advice locally if you can, but as you requested a home visit I'm guessing that might be difficult - however, many citizens advice offices do have telephone advice options, if that's possible for you. You could start with the Scope helpline and see if they can signpost you to anywhere locally.


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    Hi @Debzs, how are you getting on? Have you managed to find out why your money has stopped?
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  • Silver925
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    I don't know about these days on CBESA or New style but when I got moved over from IB to ESA in 2012 the letter stated I was in WRAG and my ESA would last 365 days. Yet some people didn't know this and got a shock when ESA stopped after a year. Surely all letters like mine would have had the same information. 


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