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New member with suspected lumbar spinal stenosis

Pandaface Member Posts: 1 Listener
How long does it usually take for full diagnosis of lumbar spinal stenosis and is there a set of tests to go through ,it's been suggested there's a high probability that's what I have .
I've been almost housebound now since may time ,no Injury or illness just the painful symptoms around lumbar region hips knees ankles and generally feeling exhausted after very little effort to mobilise .
I'm going through the NHS system to get a formal diagnosis but from reading many people's stories I feel familiarity with symptoms .
Any advice on keeping positive would be most appreciated as I'm 56 and retired from my job as community support worker in January to spend more time with my husband who is 12 years my senior and has been living with prostate cancer since 2015 though currently on the "watchful waiting " program..