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Appoinment Tracking

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Hello and thankyou for welcoming me to this group. I was wondering how other parents keep track of all the different appointments, from speech and language to Child in need meetings, physiotherapy, incontinence appointments etc. I am ok at adding appointments to my phone, but find it hard to remember what each professional has said at different meetings. They seem to expect me to remember things said from last appointments, even when it was months ago and when we end up seeing different people each time. I find it very overwhelming and it gives me headaches. I also have a daughter whos 14, with anxiety and depression who is also under different professionals. Is there any easy way to keep on top of things so that I can somehow remember whats said so that it can be passed onto the relevant professionals. Any advice would be great


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    Hello @JAnnR

    I used to use a notebook to record details of my son’s therapy and medical appointments. In the beginning there were so many. I used the note feature on my phone to type up a summary of what we discussed etc during every single appointment. I also prepared a short list of questions to ask the right specialist.

    We have seen a few of them over the years. In the beginning, we met with a perinatologist and a NS and then other consultants joined our team afterwards. Eventually we whittled down the list of doctors. Currently we only see a pediatric urologist, a physical medicine rehab doctor and a children’s orthopedic specialist. 

    I made a note of email addresses on my phone too. I carried around that trusty notebook at all times. It served as a memory aid more than anything else. Do you use email or not? If so get a email address for all professionals working with your child or a contact number. You can buy a diary online or from a shop.

    Alternatively you can email the consultant or ask them to send out a text message to your phone to remind you of any upcoming hospital appointments. Many hospitals now operate a text message service. Ask about that option at your next appointment. 

    I also bought a wall calendar. It was helpful too. I could jot down information on it when required. Ask the doctors to email you summaries of what you talked about. Or make short notes. Additionally on my email, is a list of my son’s medications with short descriptions in case. It is useful for when we are on vacation.

    I keep all his letters in a heavy folder on my table in my bedroom. 
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    The easiest solution to this instead of taking notes during any appointment, is to request a copy of any follow up letters that are sent to the GP. A Consultant will always send a letter to the GP a few weeks later. I have all my letters and all my daughters letters from every single appointment we've attended.

    Writing notes and listening to what is being said during an appointment isn't always possible, actually for me it's impossible because i can't multi task enough to do that.