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hi on 8th august my sister died sadly rip I was her carer for 23 years I also look after my brother I received £64.20 in august I applied for universal credit my income was my carer's allowance and I received my works pension from Islington council of £208.00 I sent all my copies of income to uc I was informed I would receive a statement on the 28th sept 2019  which would show how much I would receive and go in to my bank on the 3rd October  I went to see how much I would get it said 0 I was shocked I rang them and they told me my uc was £317 plus £i60.02 for looking after someone total £478.95 but then they had to deduct £289.98 for carer's allowance plus £208.00 for receiving occupational pension/unearned income so that left me nothing I said informed them that I would stop ca after 8 weeks also what was I going to live on and pay my bills he said you have got your pension I said that would barely cover my bills I asked if I could have a advance payment as he said it was to late told me to go to food bank I felt humiliated I have worked all my life paid my taxes superannuation and I am 62 and it has come to this can you give mw any advice I am desperate teenieweenie 


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    I'm sorry to hear your sad news!

    When you first claimed UC you were incorrectly advised about the amount you would receive. The carers allowance is always deducted £1 for £1 from your UC payments. As your pension is means tested this will also be deducted £1 for £1. Both of these will reduce your UC to zero while you're still receiving the carers allowance. This is because you still receive the carers allowance weekly for the 8 week run on.

    Once the carers allowance stops you will receive a monthly amount through UC which will be as follows. £317.82 - £208 for your pension which will leave a monthly amount of £109 from UC. This will mean that even though you're receiving a monthly amount from UC you won't be receiving the carers allowance each week, so you will be worse off.

    Do you rent your home?

    Are you looking for work or unable to work because of a health condition?
  • teenieweenie
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    I look after my brother so they have given me 160.02 on top of the 317 which they have told me I will get in November but I will not get my pension until 6th of October it is not my home it was my sisters her will instructed her house to be sold and is going to probate in the meantime I have to find somewhere to live I am on the housing list but only bronze I 0bviously I have to pay bills  gas electric I get council tax support but have to 16 pounds every month starting in October my bills total 110 pounds a month then food and fuel another 80 to 100 every month so it does not leave much so that is why I asked when can I claim an advance payment I am diabetic and am see a bereavement counsellor I am not in a good way hope you can help me more please teenieweenie
  • teenieweenie
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    ps if I would only get 109 a month the law says you cant live below 103 pounds a week surely they could not expect someone to live below that teenieweenie
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    Your pension is classed as income which is deducted from your UC payment.

    As you don't rent your home at the moment then you won't be entitled to any housing element. If you do rent a home in the future then you'll be entitled to the 1 bedroom rate of local housing allowance, if you live alone.

    You say you look after your brother, does he receive a qualifying benefit such as PIP daily living or DLA mid/high rate care or Attendance allowance?
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    To answer your question about the advance payment then you should have asked within the first month after you first applied. It seems like your outside of that time now so won't be eligible for this.

    It's important that you answer this question. Do you have a health condition that prevents you from working?
  • teenieweenie
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    I am diabetic i am so waiting to have counselling for  bereavement and anxiety I have been very depressed and all these issues are not helping I asked now that the next month for uc is started can I now claim for an advanced payment as I need to pay this months bills and to live and my pension will not cover that teenieweenie
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    To be eligible for a budgeting advance you need to be claiming UC for at least 6 months. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/benefits/universal-credit/on-universal-credit/budgeting-advance/

    As you've been claiming carers allowance then you maybe eligible to claim New style ESA, this isn't means tested but you'll need a sick note from your GP to be able to claim it. It's based on your NI Contributions from working in the previous 2 tax years BUT because you've been claiming carers allowance they will use any other tax years NI Contributions from working in the past. As you're claiming a works pension then i'm sure you'll qualify for this.

    New style ESA is for those that have a limited capability for work. You will most likely need a face to face assessment at some point and you'll also need evidence to support your claim. This evidence should state how your conditions affect your ability to work and do any type of job.

    It will be deducted £1 for £1 from your UC BUT because it's not means tested then as your pension is less than £85 per week you won't lose any New style ESA. It only pays £73.10 per week but it will certainly help a little. It's only paid for 1 year unless you're placed into the Support Group, so do be aware of that.

    It's all very complicated so i would advise you to visit a local advice centre near you for further help and support.

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    Hi @teenieweenie, I don't have any further advice, but I just wanted to say sorry about your sister and that I hope you manage to get things more stable for yourself.

    Please do take Poppy's advice and seek some local face to face advice. AdviceLocal may be able to help you with this. :)

    Please let us know how you get on and if there is anything else we can do to support you. 


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