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Milestone Achieved!

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My son finally managed to memorize the whole alphabet today. We have been working on this for about six months now. I’m so thrilled for him. Next up on my list of goals, making sure he memorizes our landline number.
What milestones have you celebrated recently? Were they expected or not? This is a huge achievement on his part. All milestones big or small have to be celebrated, right? 


  • thespiceman
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    Hello @April2018mom   Fantastic to hear well done.

    I have always said every one has a goal an aim. Whether to improve their lives. Despite being disabled or illness or conditions.

    My favourite sayings  I use all the time.

    If you throw stones in your path do we go around or over or do we stand still.

    Success comes in cans not can nots.

    As a reformed alcoholic for thirty years every day is a milestone a blessing sending prayers to those who continue to fight the itch the struggle to stave off .

    It is always going to be there. No matter how stressed or anxious.

    No tells you this but add to that the achievements I have made every day.

    Continue to day. Being a community champion supporting my friends and the community.

    Achieving small victories in health and on wards my journey I go.

    If I stumble or fall know the power I have is to use my faith my prayers. The love and warmth from my friends on here.

    To all those who are suffering and are in pain I will continue to praise give them reassurance and lots of compassion. Empathy and sensitivity to understand .. 

    Have the tools to make others achieve their own goals and aims in life.

    You can do so much.

     I know as a thirty years wasted now is the best time and feel inspirational to heal and give my time to others.

    Who wish to move forward.

    Life is an opportunity and is very short.

    Wish every one to think about what they want to achieve, how I can I move forward. Happy to help reach that goal that achievement. No matter how large, small or insignificant. 

    Will always support you.

    Please take care.


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    Fantastic achievement for your son, @April2018mom!  You must be very proud of him.  :smiley:
    Winner of the Scope New Volunteer Award 2019.   :)
  • April2018mom
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    Thanks. This was written some time ago. I am re posting it however.