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Review? Why?

Hi. I've been sent ESA3 (IBR)  benefit review form, and several follow-up letters. They state that supplying extra information may entitle me to money that they forgot to pay me. Not like this lot to be so generous. I suspect it's also a way that they can use to pay me less. Anyone any experience of this form?


  • poppy123456
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    The ESA3 form is the income related form and filling this in will allow them to assess you for the income related top up on your ESA.

    Did you by any chance transfer from Incapacity benefit to ESA many years ago? If you did then DWP made an error and didn't assess people for the income related top up. This means that some people are owed money but some aren't.

    You need to fill in the form and return it with all the information they ask for. Whether you're entitled to anything extra will depend on your circumstances.
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    Welcome to the community @Hotmai1! Great to have you here. Is there anything else we can do to help?


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