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Foot drop

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Hello all! I am desperate for some help and information about my foot drop.  So I will give some background information.  In February this year I experienced some mild back pain.  The following morning I went downstairs and I was in so much pain I nearly passed out and felt sick.  The pain was not coming directly from my back but radiated down the right side of my leg.  It was acute and I self diagnosed it as pain from a trapped sciatic never.  A week later this proved to be the case and I was admitted to hospital because my foot and part of my lower leg had gone numb.  I was sent home with carers and after about six weeks the pain on moving abated.  But I still have no upper movement of my toes and the 'end' of my foot. I wear a foot brace because without it my toes scuff the floor  and a couple of times I have catapulted myself into furniture!  I saw a neurosurgeon a few weeks ago who confirmed I had a slipped disc (L5) which has trapped the sciatic nerve and caused permanent damage. But he didn't carry out any tests or advise as to future actions.  So my problem now is that even though walking with the foot brace is easier than without.  My toe is painful on walking and I am concerned that my foot is being damaged due to my awkward gait which I can't do anything about.  It is really getting me down as I have never experienced physical disability before.  But more than that, I feel the NHS have let me down.  The neurosurgeon was pretty much, 'Yes, you have foot drop, next please!!.'  I am very concerned that this constant poor movement in my foot is going to lead to greater problems as my toes take on extra stress they are not designed for.  Can anyone offer any advice or help? I would be so grateful if there might be something I could do help myself - or get help - but so far, so left!!  Any reply appreciated as I feel rather abandoned with this condition. And it might be I just have to live with it.  But I don't want to give up until I have explored all options.  Sorry long post.  Thank you for reading.


  • emmarenshaw
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    Hello @juliamae welcome to the community. Perhaps you could go back to your GP and tell them your concerns? Please let us know how you get on.
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    Hello @juliamae

    My Name is Connie00

    I am one off the community Champion’s here at Scope.  it’s really nice to meet you.

    A very warm welcome to the Community. Thank you for reaching out to us, thank you also for sharing your story, I am sorry but I don't know much about your condition.  however I do agree you have been unfairly treated  nobody should be left in that kind of pain.

    I would however suggest you make an appointment with your GP explain to them how things have been left, and that you are totally not happy and feel let down by the NHS. have a look at the link below its very informative. it talks about what can help you, evan surgery,

    we are always here to lend support, help, and advise where we can,

    If we can be of any assistance to you please don’t hesitate to contact us

    @connie00   :) 

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    Hi I experienced foot drop as a real problem...Dangerous too when it makes you fall....I floor faced planted lots, before I lost all mobility.

    Had a run in with a glass porch too and mashed my mouth,teeth, tongue...not a pleasant way to pass an afternoon!

    I was wrongly diagnosed with MS, HSP and am going for further tests next month...even though it is 20 years since I first started with the problem.

    I`ve know people have a gadget called a`s an electrical thingy you put in your can be wired or wireless.

    Some local area health authorities supply it for free...others charge around £800.

    Try GP again, tell them you still have problems.
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    Hi @juliamae and a very warm welcome to the community! How are you doing?